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Do you have newbies in your circles that could use some help with circles? Share these 5 quick and easy tips to circle management: Please add your own tips to circle management in the comments below!

1. Uncircle those inactive users - You only get 5,000 people to circle so you don't want to waste it on some Facebook user who doesn't come here anymore.

2. Create a must-read circle - These are the people that you find interesting and you don't want to miss their posts. This is my first circle I check daily!

3. Create a networking circle - These are those who are in similar jobs or interests that you want to obviously network with. Visit and connect regularly - it could land you a job or more!

4. Create your newbie circle - Put those you think may be interesting, but putting them on some sort of trial period. Prove their worth and they get an upgrade!

5. Check those who added you - They may be reaching out to you as you are doing the same with others. Go to your CIRCLES page and click on the 'People who've added you (xx)' link along the top. Don't discredit these people - you may need them!
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Ade Nan
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+Hermine Ngnomire I've neglected #5 myself and ended up finding some incredible people in there looking for me! I'm just as bad, but getting better at this.
+Raunch Foxxx my circles on Google+ have accelerated my networking and industry contacts faster than any other social network. Period. Google+ has over 150 million ACTIVE users compared to 472 million ACTIVE on Facebook as of last week. Do not discount Google+ ... Facebook is becoming MySpace. Get in now or play catch-up later.
+James Fierce Those are great tips as well! Looking over them now. Without circles all this is nothing.
ps WHEN did FACEBOOK lose 350 million users? Just curious
or perhaps the key word is ACTIVE
Thanks for the advice Craig.
hey craig I love the way this PE SHARPE assumes she knows people or if they are "BIG LEAGUE" lol Anytime she wants to compare w-2s let me know lol Dont be so touchy PE...
Hey Raunch anyone ever tell you that you look like Queensrÿche's Geoff Tate in your profile picture?
not but I do love that group (REAL NAMEI S RAY nice to meet you)
My name is Marie. Seriously you do look like Tate in the picture. Big fan of Rÿche myself. I have Tate's initials tattooed on my wrist, he was shocked when I showed him. Had a customized painted leather jacket w/ their logo & him on it. 
+Craig Luecke I saw that article a couple of days ago and don't want to bust anyone's bubble, but there are concerns with it from a statistical perspective
1.) How are they defining and "active user?" They simply just asked people, "Which of the following social networks do you currently have an active profile?" That does not make someone "active" or not
2.) What are the 27 GWI markets? In what markets are the majority of G+s users coming from vs. fB and other competitors?
3.) What was the sample size and how was the research conducted? The question of how many people have more than one G+ account starts to come to mind. (Although the same could be said for more than one of any of those social network accounts--except for maybe LinkedIn)
4.) Supposedly, G+ just past Twitter, LinkedIn and Myspace. Does anyone really believe that these stats are not bizarre? Why wasn't the G+ team making a lot of noise about these achievements if they are consistent?
5.) I don't like any stat that can't be corroborated around at least 2 to 3 other sources/studies. +Tom Anderson initially posted this "study;" I it made me want to say, shame on him for not looking a bit further into the info.

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