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PICTURE OR VIDEO? When posting YouTube video clips on Facebook, are you posting the clip and a comment OR are you posting a picture from the clip and a link?

In a study of the Top 500 brands on FB between Aug-Oct 2012 78% engaged to a photo while only 9% engaged to a standard video post. 

While my text in this post is longer than the suggested 10 words or less, I get more response by posting a frame from the video and a link than I do a standard YT video link and comment. The picture obviously takes up more real estate in the timeline thus attracting more attention over a small thumbnail. #marketing   #facebook   #socialmedia   

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Google+ already shows a full size screenshot of the video with a play button. Facebook shows a small 120x90 thumb. Another positive difference for G over FB. 
Hey +Craig Luecke is there a link to the study you cite in you post?  I'd like to read more on how they collected data.  
+Chris Byrd I'll go find that for you. However, it just backs most every other study. As social media marketers, we all should be studying how the top brands in your area are getting the traffic. A top brand site - Walmart - always uses this tactic of a photo with a link to a product. Never do they just post a standard link to their site. Backed up by a picture for more news feed real estate. 
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