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Racistizing the Enemy
How far should we tolerate racism? Not at all!

Those who condemn their fellow man simply for moving from one place to another, such as UKIP, should be fully racistized. Racistize is an ugly new word to describe an ugly event: racism.

How do we racistize...

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Some Post Marxist resources
Post Marxism deals with the pressing issues of racism, feminism and classism. Here are some resources. Post-Marxism an intellectual history Marxist Feminism / Materialist Feminism

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Nelson Mandela: A Great Man and Great Anti-Racist
"In 1990, the same year that he was released from prison, the Soviet Union awarded Mandela the Lenin International Peace Prize. He was the last person to receive the prize, which was no longer awarded after the fall of the Soviet Union. " <a href='http://rb...

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Why anti-racism will change the Britain
The battle is between society and individuals.  Individuals seize the land and hoard their wealth whereas people in large groups, who have no wealth, desire the wealth and land to be shared. Those who seize and hoard believe that others must be less than th...

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Racism and truth
One of the greatest victories of anti-racism was the removal of racist attitudes in the Social Sciences.  Most Social Science faculties are now anti-racist and internationalist socialist. It was the racist works of Jensen in the USA and Eysenck in the UK th...

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Heroes of Anti-Racism: Harriet Harman
Harriet Harman. although educated at private school, is probably the most significant figure in the Socialist changes that have occurred in British society over the past 20 years.  She qualified as a lawyer and was able to use her knowledge of law to use th...

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Heroes of Anti-Racism: Derrida and Lyotard
What can we say of such great men?  They saw, as early as the 1970s, that Socialism and the tribe were enemies.  It was their work, tearing down the ideological structures that support Nations through the Post-Modern Revolution that opened the path to the p...
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