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Johanna Rogers
I'm here for MY entertainment...not yours...
I'm here for MY entertainment...not yours...

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Any of you have used skins/wraps on your phone such as Slickwraps, Dbrand, etc?
What's been your experience as far as durability and so forth?

I was trying to find a community but no luck.

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I stopped updating/changing my profile pic because there are no privacy settings and are shared publicly.
It's ridiculous that Google+ don't give us control of our profile pics and one have to constantly deal with these middle Eastern men who seem to sit at night while their wives or mother is sleeping holding their pecker on one hand while they surf Google+ profiles and SHARE women's profile pics in their profile. It is f*cking annoying. Feels like Myspace all over again.
If I wanted to share my ish publicly I would choose to do so. I don't like being forced to.
Even Facebook give you control of your profile pics... Wtf gives Google+?????

Pet Sematary... ah the classics


That Justin Beaver kid on a CSI episode playing a hard ass.... so laughable.

Sorry I've been MIA ppls.
I had hand surgery on Thursday and even though I took my tablet with me to the hospital the fact that my hand feels like a truck drove over it kept me glued to that very nice adjustable hospital bed.
I don't do what you guys refer to as pain killers... (I call Advil, ibuprofen, etc pain killers but apparently I live under a rock because to most of you pain killers can put down a horse lol) so I've been popping Acetaminophen and taking the discomfort like a man...flexes nonexisting muscles

Btw, I'm on a mission to reinvent a hospital gown that doesn't leave your ass hanging out.
Plus it really make no sense to me why one have to get buck nakid for hand surgery... I think my surgeon and his crew had a party during my surgery LMAO.

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Public Service Announcement:   If you plan on partying on New Years Eve AAA is offering a free ride. I called the # and she said all states are not participating.  This free service is not offered in the following states:  Mo-Ms-Ar-In-IL-Ks-La

The service is offered based on availability.  Since its inception in 1998, Tow to Go has safely removed more than 20,000 intoxicated drivers from the roads. The service is designed to be used as a last resort.

- Confidential local ride within a 10-mile radius to a safe location
- Free and available to both AAA members and non-members
- The AAA tow truck takes the vehicle and the driver home

The Auto Club Group and Bud Light provide the Tow to Go service to discourage an intoxicated driver from getting behind the wheel and risking the lives and safety of other motorists. Not only does Tow to Go remove the intoxicated driver—it also enables AAA and Bud Light to remind the public to always choose a designated driver for a safe ride home.


- Tow trucks can take up to two people home; if there are more people in your party—you will need to make other arrangements to get home safely.
- You can’t make an appointment to use the Tow to Go service, it is designed to be used as a last resort so have a designated driver before you have your first drink.
- If a person is too intoxicated to be safely transported in a tow truck, AAA may need to contact law enforcement to assist with getting the intoxicated individual a safe ride home.

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My Black people....I'm not saying she's not a cutie, but allow your children to be children...not a mini you.
There are lots of perverts out there and personally I think you are just enabling sick minds out there by dressing your kids like "little women"...

A lot of you aren't very smart...but some's sheer stupidity never cease to amaze me. While making these type of posts public simply bring me to a higher level of b*tch in some of your eyes, I frankly don't give a f*ck b/c my full intention is to get at least one freaking person to stop making an ass of themselves. But most importantly, make you think twice before you even try any type of this sort of bitchassness on me! Oh I know it won't stop it completely...that I know. But if it stops one...just ONE person...then it's served its purpose.
Notice how he does the sweet to hostile at the typical. LMAO
Anyway, without further adieu...the latest #BitchAssness on G+

firdaus mansuri 11:59 AM
me 12:00 PM
firdaus mansuri 12:00 PM
how are you dear
me 12:00 PM
I'm good
firdaus mansuri 12:00 PM
sup? means
me 12:01 PM
what's up
firdaus mansuri 12:03 PM
not everything but fine
by the way I like your all picture which you uploaded
me 12:03 PM
Thank you
firdaus mansuri 12:03 PM
last one very which is you set in profile
very nice
me 12:03 PM
Thank you
firdaus mansuri 12:04 PM
can I copy that in my private collection
at my end
means my pc
hey are you there ?
me 12:05 PM
firdaus mansuri 12:07 PM
by the way I am software engineer so if I want then I can do without your permission but this is not right way to do that
me 12:08 PM
what exactly is that saying? You don't need to be a rocket scientist to right click and save a pic...hahahahahaha
firdaus mansuri 12:13 PM
there are number of way to do this you know what every one is scientist with different profile me and you too
just we do not have any degree for that
by the way you are so smart

me 12:14 PM
Thank you
firdaus mansuri 12:15 PM
now can I copy your pic ?
me 12:16 PM
Why do you want to copy my pic...and whyare you asking for my permission?
I'm confused
I mean...are you going to use it in an ad or something?
Are you planning on super imposing it on someone else's body
it's quite an odd request
firdaus mansuri 12:16 PM
because this is my principal, take permission before collect any thing from any one
me 12:17 PM
And what are the premise to your collection?
firdaus mansuri 12:18 PM
because I like you pic and its reminder me someone who has been special in my life some time ago
me 12:19 PM
you're just going around the web and collecting pics of random women
so why not get a pic of your dear friend?
firdaus mansuri 12:19 PM
because she not more in my life I do not have any pic of her
me 12:19 PM
and she was dear and special?
firdaus mansuri 12:20 PM
this is fine
me 12:20 PM
I see
firdaus mansuri 12:20 PM
she was everything for me
me 12:20 PM
but you have no pics of her
firdaus mansuri 12:20 PM
not was she is everything for me
not yet
me 12:22 PM
I'd say concentrate all your efforts of getting a pic of your beloved one rather than supplementing it with random women on the web that look like her
I'm sure the real deal would be more special
firdaus mansuri 12:22 PM
not all
me 12:22 PM
I'd think
firdaus mansuri 12:22 PM
just you
specially your smile and eyes
in not all the pic only last one which you set in profile pic
me 12:23 PM
well I am wearing contacts in that pic
I am sure you can tell from my other pics my eyes are brown...
like I said
firdaus mansuri 12:24 PM
Okay fine there are no need for this pic
me 12:24 PM
the real deal would do much better for you :p
firdaus mansuri 12:25 PM
I am happy with her moment
you know what your so sweet and very smart but your really heartless
me 12:26 PM
Hahahahahaahahaha...but of course I am
firdaus mansuri 12:26 PM
you know why
me 12:28 PM
I am sure you'll tell me why
firdaus mansuri 12:29 PM
because you missed someone special in your past and your behave like your so hard and you don't thinking about him. but in real you missing him too and don't given any more space to any one in your life
bye and good bye

Why don't you go and father your kids and get the f*ck out of my stream.
The nerve of some people...I swear.

Yo, if I add you b/c of a Google game or some other foolishness (read, you're a stranger) please don't be messaging/chatting me about no BS.
Unless you have a G4 or other private jet at your disposal and can visit me at my whim, I assure you you don't stand a chance.
This is not eHarmony people and I am in no Love Game contest.
Thank back to your regular programming...
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