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Steve BE (貝森)
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Steve BE (貝森)

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Steve BE (貝森)

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This needs to hurry up and get here....
Consolidate your wallet into a single smart card that syncs with our smart phone app
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Steve BE (貝森)

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From "Paying for a degree, not an education…" to…
Today's ‎TEDx: A full education, beyond the degree: David Helfand at TEDxWestVancouverED
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Steve BE (貝森)

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Hi Everyone!

I'm Steve from studio BE (NYC | Portland | Seattle). We put a lot of care and time into our #photography   and #videography   to keep it real yet compelling. I choose to say "HI" with this recent set featuring some real badassery.

Not cool: cancer.

Unendingly cool: Living beyond cancer more than enough to share your personal experience, advocate, and connect those who know and those who would.

Many thanks to journalist/model/thriver Suleika Jaouad for lighting this way! Read more about her and friends in +The New York Times  Well: Life Interrrupted
Survivor Sisters
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Steve BE (貝森)

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Check out the Mars rover these two girls built in their garage (via +VentureBeat)
Two sisters, 11 and 13, have built a Mars rover in a workshop in their family's garage. The girls also worked with their dad to build software to control the rover.
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Steve BE (貝森)

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29 Ways You Can Recharge, Refresh and  Stay Creative

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Feeling a little uninspired? Are things just dragging along in your life and business? No new ideas? No spark?

It just might be time for you to recharge your creativity. Get the spark back. Trigger some new ideas. Maybe even put a little spring in your step!

5 ways to get your creativity back and 29 additional ways to stay creative from +Marie Leslie!

#creativity   #motivation   #businesstips  
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Steve BE (貝森)

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Steve BE (貝森)

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Recent Shoot
Model: +Olivea Shure
Photographer: AWoo Photo
MUA: Satomi Kumakura
Studio: +studio BE NYC
Dancing with the Light
Steve BE (貝森)'s profile photo
+Harakrishna Iyyanki thanks! Talented team + fun shoots
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life geek . social venturist . process engineer . solutions architect . digital strategist . model . creative || | | |

I'm fond of old school tech: community . appreciation . cooperation . broadly considerate choice (design).

I have the most fun collaborating with other talented, creative people who care about community and act (with sense) on that care.

I architect companies, teams, and innovative technology with an eye for resilience, scale, and sustainability.

Tech-wise: I'm fond of open-source and look forward to declassifying a few things; I tend toward combining high encryption with cloud-based solutions for secure, fault-tolerant, distributed solutions to data storage and access questions. For web services, I'm all about those versioned APIs.

IS YOUR TECH STACK ON FIRE? Give me a call to find the source quickly and the workaround even sooner. I appreciate the difference between algorithmic correctness and practical functionality.

I'm glad to demonstrate for us to see each other rightly and get down to direct, open, broad 'n deep communication.

In diagnosing or implementing, I'm at home on the front-end, the back-end, in the board room, and on the streets recognizing NEXT.

For a good time: bring me in at that early stage and show me the napkin where you're sketching your idea before it's realized in code and teams and brand(s) and such.

I see talented people. Everywhere.

Some are thriving through their talents and passions.

'm a linker . I'm a bridge. I'm a catalyst.

For ~20 years I've helped learn, build and share the technologies, teams, and awareness
to recognize and engage talent + passion.

…15 years Startups + Software Engineering + Web Development
…10 years Business Technology Consulting (Security-Accessibility-Community)
…..7 years Mobile App Development ( Android, now + iOS )
…..6 years Digital Brand Management + Social Media [censored]
Bragging rights
Brand Brag! Publicis Groupe, Patrón Spirits, Northrop-Grumman, Stifel-Nicolaus, USPS, See.Me
head catalyst, social venturist, Process Engineer, Talent Development Coach, Personal Development Coach
process engineering, creative solutions, talent assessment, conflict resolution, resilient systems design
  • studio BE NYC
    head catalyst, 2013 - present
    studio BE nyc is a social creative tech venture answer to "what's possible when uncommon talent meets uncommon tech, teams, community, experience, & will?": ∴) Talent Network - International talent network of creative people who have already demonstrated their talents. We match these creatives with paid work, licensing & branding opportunities, educational opportunities, events, venues, and other creatives for collaboration. ∴) Talent Incubator - 8 times per year we open for applications into our Resident Creative Incubator Program (RECIP) in which we assess the creative works, talents, and readiness of each accepted creative; and provide an entire ecosystem (housing, stipend, venues, total branding, training, accounting services, business services, legal counsel, business formation, collaboration opportunities, & networking opportunities) so that accepted creatives can focus on their creative talents in fulfilling ways as we "wrap ventures around them" in assisting their transition from hobbyists or struggling professionals into thriving small businesses. "Creative" applies broadly. Examples: singers, dancers, models, photographers, videographers, poets, bloggers, journalists, sculptors, painters, comedians, music producers, filmmakers, documentarians... ∴) Services: Media Production + Creative Consulting + Digital Agency We soft launched in 2013 and accomplished much: ∴ Alpha test of NYC RECIP incubation program for creatives (see above) ∴ Guerrilla (rapid-turnaround) media productions (see Photography and Videography work in NY Times, Glamour Magazine, more) ∴ Launch of our Talent Network (we're functionally global, mobile, and uncommonly hungry for sustainable impact ...even meaning) All in all, we have fun, look out for each other, and look out for you while innovating with sense. Follow studio BE NYC on LinkedIn: Follow studio BE NYC on Facebook:
  • See.Me
    Senior Developer & [__/\/\/], 2012 - 2013