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The Reeder Fleet Card is the newest product from Reeder Distributors and is designed to give your company complete control over fuel usage by your fleet, as well as providing great benefits to your drivers. Let’s look at how it benefits you.
The Reeder Fleet Card Benefits Your Company
Actionable information is data that you can use to meet specific business goals. This can mean changing policies, methods, or even changing habits of personnel. The Reeder Fuel Card gives you information on the type of fuel your drivers are using so you can make sure they are using the correct grade for the rig they are driving. You learn the number of gallons per transaction. This will give you information to track fuel usage. If your drivers are fueling up several times a day, you learn all the details of every transaction. Along with the day of the week, you’ll know the time of day that the vehicle is fueled up so you can enact policy to change behaviors if need be. You’ll also get odometer readings so you can find the fuel efficiency of every vehicle. You will get email alerts to let you know when anomalies occur.
Fleet Card Gives Drivers Flexibility
Your drivers will gain flexibility that will make their jobs easier. They will have access to over 230,000 gas and diesel sites nationwide. They can use regular truck stops and retail stations. Drivers will have access to 90 percent of fueling locations across the country. You can also use the card solely on your own private sites.
Call Reeder Distributors, Inc to learn more about the Reeder Fleet Card.
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Reeder Distributors has been a mainstay of fuel distribution and management in Texas and Oklahoma since 1973. During these four plus decades, we have consistently striven for excellence and to stay on the cutting edge of technology. At the same time, we have remained a family-owned business founded in our ethical beliefs. We believe that building and maintaining healthy, robust business relationship are best done from a position of respect and treating others as we would want to be treated.
Quality Products and Customer Service
Now, in case the human relationships are not really your main concern, rest assured, we also maintain the highest level of product quality and service. This is how we’ve stayed in business for so long in a field that, as any long-time resident of Texas can tell you, ebbs and flows taking the economy with it. One way we have stayed on top is by making sure that our customers have the tools they need to succeed in their businesses. From bulk fuel and lubricant deliveries to fuel management systems, we have stayed on the cutting edge of technology. In this blog, we will look more closely at our fuel management systems and the fuel card.
Why you need a fuel management system?
Two words: fuel slippage. Fuel slippages are any errors, loss, or theft of fuel. Slippages can be intentional or unintentional, but they add up regardless. The bigger your company, the bigger your slippages can be, and it’s important to stem the flow of fuel, and thus money.
We supply companies all over Texas and Oklahoma with FuelMaster® fuel management systems. These systems track the usage of fuel by particular vehicles and particular drivers. There are three option for fuel management systems. The fuel can be accessed through the use of a pin number, a special key that has the VIN number and other important vehicle information, or a pin and odometer reading.
Reeder Fleet Card
The newest addition to our family of fuel management products is the Reeder Fuel Card. This card gives you power and information to control fuel consumption of drivers while they are on the road. Information you’ll have access to includes:
Fuel Type
Gallons Per Transaction
Transactions Per Day
Time of Day
Days of the Week
Odometer Entry
Email Alerts
This information is actionable information so you have change policies, habits while giving your drivers the flexibility to do their work.

Read more about our fuel card in our next post.

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Fuel costs are a variable that you can’t afford to get out of control in your budget. Whether your fleet is construction-based, agricultural, or trucking, loss of fuel is probably cutting into your profit margin to some extent. There are steps that you can take to help control this loss. Reeder Distributors has some ideas that can help you cut your losses and therefore maximize your profits. To learn some tips for controlling fuel loss, keep reading.
Fuel Management System
Reeder Distributors offers FuelMaster® fuel management systems that can track the fuel consumption of every vehicle and driver. There are three option for fuel management systems. The fuel can be accessed through the use of a pin number, a special key that has the VIN number and other important vehicle information, or a pin and odometer reading.
Personnel Changes
When you have the information that a FuelMaster fuel management system provides, you can assess the data and make the appropriate personnel changes. These changes don’t necessarily mean firing a driver. You might want to start with providing education about how driving habits influence fuel consumption rates. Drivers can be educated about how much fuel is used by idling, driving over the speed limit, and other habits that influence consumption.
FuelMaster Solutions
Reeder Distributors offers several The FuelMaster Management products that can give you better control over your fuel. We have the AIM2™ Passive Fueling System and the traditional Fuelmaster system. FLOWrangler products are used to manage pumps.

Call Reeder Distributors, Inc for all your fuel management systems, and conserve the maximum amount of all the bulk fuel you’ll need to manage!
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When Texas and Oklahoma need deliveries of bulk fuel, chemicals, bulk lubricant, or fuel management equipment, they turn to Reeder Distributors, just as they’ve done for over four decades. We’ll spend this post reviewing what we offer and to whom. Contact us if we can be of service to you.
One of our main areas of business is supplying your business with build fuel delivery to keep commerce moving.
We can deliver bulk loads between 500 and 900 gallons.
We service the agriculture, trucking, government, fleet, and construction customers.
We also offer racing fuels.
We feature Rockett Brand Racing Fuels and can deliver them to you where and when you need them.
We deliver across the entire states of Texas and Oklahoma.

Chemicals and Lubricant
We offer delivery of packaged or bulk lubricant solutions for your fleet maintenance.
DEF and various chemicals can be brought to you in a timely manner to keep your fleet going.

Fuel Solutions
We know that every cent counts when it comes to the bottom line and so, in your business, every drop of fuel counts.
Track your fleet’s usage and fuel efficiency with the best fuel management solutions from Reeder Distributors.
These fuel management systems can help stop theft as well as telling you which vehicles are getting the best fuel efficiency.
We offer FUELMASTER® accessories to help add helpful tools to your fuel management system.
We also supply, install and maintain DataPak pump management systems.
DataPak puts you in control of your pumps, and keeps you in control.

Call Reeder Distributors today and speak with one of our fuel experts to see how we can be of service to you and your company.
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Managing a fleet can come with a myriad of difficulties, whether it’s for a courier service or for an HVAC repair company. There are many different aspects that go into planning and maintaining your fleet. Because it’s so important to have vehicles on the road in order to keep business going, consider these tips ranging from fuel management to maintenance in order to keep your fleet functioning.

Use a Fuel Management System
When you manage a fleet, you have to worry about a variety of fuel issues. Outside of fluctuating fuel costs, you also have to consider poor driver behavior, inefficient routes, and potential fuel theft when planning for your company’s fuel needs. Utilizing the proper fuel management system software can help you track these issues and accurately manage your business’ fuel costs. At Reeder Distributors we offer the very best in fuel management software including Fuel Master, DataPak, and monitoring performed by us.

Keep Up on Fleet Maintenance
Along with maintaining your fuel supply, it’s important to stay up-to-date on your fleet’s maintenance. Repairs on vehicles can get out of hand if they are forced to wait. Implementing a regular maintenance plan and diagnostic checks can help to keep your repair expenses down by stopping mechanical problems before they happen.

Implement New Technologies
Being open to new technologies can benefit a fleet business. Implementing GPS tracking can improve customer satisfaction and other types of new technologies can make things easier on drivers. Providing information on how to the technology benefits employees, encouraging questions, and providing a hands-on experience will help integrate the technology into your fleet.
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The construction industry in the United States is the second largest in the world. However large the industry is, when managing a construction company means that the littlest decisions can make or break the business. Any mismanagement of fuel can ruin a company. Most companies advise to keep the difference in fuel consumption and fuel purchase within 2 percent of each other. To manage your construction company, consider these important factors and apply them to your business.

Make Reporting Easier
With the Reeder fuel card for fleets, you make the reporting for your fuel stores that much easier. Each construction site burns through hundreds of gallons of diesel for the various construction equipment. Fuel cards make tracking easy with specific controls that requires the vehicle user specific information which allows tracking for the following:
Fuel Type
Gallons Per Transaction
Transactions Per Day
Time of Day
Days of Week
Odometer Entry
Email Alerts
This way you know where every drop is being used as a construction site manager. What’s even better is that the Reeder fuel card works for private fuel sites as well as allowing purchase of fuel from a network of 230,000 fuel sites nationwide.

Improve Your Bottom Line
By tracking and reporting your company’s fuel consumption, you’re helping to improve your bottom line. The better you can estimate the fuel costs per project and understand where your fuel is being used, the more accurate you can be with purchasing and overall project management.

Contact Reeder Distributors today for more information on how the Reeder fleet fuel card can improve your construction company’s bottom line.
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Racing Fuels: How Does Octane Levels Affect Your Performance?

You love driving your Porsche that you race on the weekends. Or perhaps, you joined a BMW racing club and meet up to put your cars to the test at the local track. Then perhaps you’re in need of high octane racing fuels for your vehicle.

Anytime you fill up your tank on a regular commuter car at the pump you get the choice of octane level commonly starting at 85, ranging all the way up to 91. While your normal car can happily function off of lower octane fuels, luxury vehicles and racing vehicles require a higher octane. The average car has a static compression ratio in the engine cylinder of about eight to one. High performance vehicles have a much higher compression ratio much closer to fourteen to one. That means that as a low octane fuel compresses in a high-performance vehicle, that the fuel can ignite independently before the spark plug fires.

While this may not seem like a problem, it can actually lower performance on a car. That’s why high-octane racing fuels like Rocket Brand exist. Reeder Distributors can provide a wide selection of Rocket Brand fuels in order to make sure you get the right octane level for your vehicle.

Rocket Brand is completely “street legal” and is ideal for individuals who take their cars to the race track, or even own a turbo-powered or nitrous oxide equipped car. Along with reducing damage to high-performance engines, a study by MIT found that high-octane fuels could help reduce carbon emissions from small vehicles because they burn more completely than lower-octane choices.

Contact Reeder Distributors for all your Rocket Brand racing fuel needs today!
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Turn to Reeder Distributors for all your fuel needs. We deliver bulk fuel, as well as chemicals and industrial lubricants. We’ve come up with more tips to maximize your fuel economy in your big rig.
The term for using driving habits and vehicle maintenance to maximize your fuel efficiency is known as Hypermiling. We cover a few more tips for doing this in this week’s blog.
Watch your Speed
According to, for every mile per hour over 60 you get 2% less fuel economy.
Over 60 mph your losses are greater than your time loss.
Higher speed increase wind resistance and result in lower fuel economy.
New tires decrease your fuel efficiency, broken in tires get better mileage.
It takes about 35,000 to 50,000 miles to break in a tire.
Under-inflated tires also cost your fuel economy.
According to, for every 10 PI’s that your tire is under-inflated, costs you 1% fuel economy.
To Draft or Not to Draft?
While drafting is known to increase your fuel efficiency, the small distance between rigs to get the benefit increases your risk to an extent that outweighs the benefits.
Stay safe and keep your distance, there are safer ways to increase your fuel efficiency.
Dress for the Hot Weather
According to Mother Earth News, using the air conditioning can decrease your fuel efficiency by up to 25 percent.
We know it’s nice to sit in a cool cab when it’s boiling outside but that doesn't mean you have to be putting on a parka in July.
Order your next fuel delivery from Reeder Distributors.
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Reeder Distributors Inc. has been a leading fuel delivery company for over 40 years. We provide diesel fuel deliveries throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Our customers include construction fleets, agriculture, trucking and government fleets.  Besides bulk diesel fuel delivery, we also provide fuel management systems. These fuel management systems help you keep track of your drivers fuel consumption.
Knowing the fuel economy of your fleet can give you a starting place for increasing your fuel economy. One thing that affects fuel economy is the driving habits of your drivers. We’ve come up with a list of tips for your drivers to help them increase their fuel economy, and thus save you money.
Situational Awareness
This is something that most experienced drivers do, but for new drivers they need reminders to be aware of what’s going on around them.
Watching the road a good distance ahead of where they are, and making speed and gear adjustments, to driving can help save fuel.
One example of this would be that you can see that drivers up ahead are all applying their brakes. The driver of the big rig should downshift to slow the truck without using the brakes.
Downshifting will also avoid problems with loads shifting.
Parking Awareness
When you are parking for a short time, make sure you turn the engine off.
The fuel used up by an idling engine adds up and can decrease your overall fuel economy.
When you park overnight, park in such a way that you can pull out easily in the morning.
Early morning maneuvering, with a cold engine, can put a dent in your fuel economy.

Call Reeder Distributors for your next fuel delivery.
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Reeder Distributors is the place to to turn when you need to keep your fleet of trucks or construction vehicles moving. We deliver everything you need. Since 1971, we’ve been delivering bulk diesel fuel in a timely and courteous manner. We now deliver fuel across the length and breadth of Texas and Oklahoma. 
We provide bulk fuel deliveries for amounts between 500 and 9,000 gallons. We service the construction industry, agriculture, trucking government fleets and general fleets. Just having your fuel delivered isn’t always enough. Some facilities need fuel management systems and we can set you up with those too. You’ll want to know what drivers are using how much fuel and what vehicles are being gas guzzlers and need some extra maintenance to straighten that out. We can install the fuel management system that can do that for you!
We can set you up for all your DEF needs, your chemical needs, including windshield washer fluid. Just because we deliver bulk amounts, don’t think we can’t accommodate smaller amounts! We can deliver 2.5 gallon containers of DEF. Of course we can also deliver 350 gallon totes. Old timers remember the days before DEF, and while it may have been easier to tank up and go, our find Texas air was fouled by exhaust. DEF is used in SCR systems to reduce NOx emissions as regulated by the Federal Government. Texas air, and the health of Texans has benefited from this regulations.
We’ve stayed at the top of our industry by providing quality products and do it with ethics that are above reproach. 
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