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Just thought I would share this, as my research has been quite time consuming and frustrating finding what survey providers allow what functionalities and what is actually hidden behind a paywall.

SoGoSurvey is currently the best I have found that outlines what is available at which tier and how to access it. The question generation is fluid and can be altered easily allowing copying and pasting of response items (for likert scales for example). They also allow free annual student membership to their upgraded 'pro' tier which has a vastly improved selection of question styles, formats and improved number of responses. crucially for myself they allow hosting of media content which is usually restricted on other providers and is essential to my research.

For a doctoral researcher such as myself the amount of funding can be tight and having an option like this is a real bonus which is going to directly benefit my research. I recommend other researchers and students give SoGoSurvey a look and save themselves the time I wasted researching alternatives.
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