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Local Marketing Expert | Local Guerrilla Marketing Expert | Creative Corollary Thinker | Product Creator | Mastermind Maven

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Do you want a REAL shortcut to profits?

Read this entire long a$$ message and I promise you’ll have it.

It’s the secret ingredient in viral marketing.

It’s the secret behind rapid sales, audience growth, “new-roohood,” and is both the power and bane of IM marketing.

It’s how all launches succeed and something some folks have worked for years, sometimes even decades to acquire.

Other folks have just learned there is a shortcut route to it and then proceed to thoroughly abuse it, cash in and discard it.

Treating it that way is not much different than having casual sex, where you hardly know the other person, you both use each other for the trivial pleasure exchange and then you’re done, tossing out the used condom in the bathroom on your way out.

Generally, well fortified and typically, hard to get to, there are ways to sneak in and steal it…

Once you get it, though, you can EASILY lose it in the blink of an eye…

Most of the unscrupulous sellers in business don’t care.

They do it anyway because they think they know….

There’s more where that came from.

A new sucker is born every minute, right?

So, what is it that I’m talking about, already?


Trust is very, very important and is the secret lever I want to teach you how to get access to quickly, here in this rant.

But, look, I promise you, if all you want to do is get it and abuse it, you’ll lose it and you’ll have a hard time getting it again if you don’t take care of it.

Ok, so if you’ve bought anything on the merit of some third parties recommendation or if you’ve joined a group, went to a restaurant, bought a subscription, watched a movie….whatever…

If you’ve done any of that stuff based on someone else’s suggestion then this, my dear reader, is a prime example of a trust hack sale.

Whether arranged or not (usually it’s not), this is the only way to make lots and lots of sales, quickly, without much resistance.

If you can sustain trust long term, if you show that you care, you will have long term money coming in from the folks that repeatedly buy from you.

And, by the way, you should have it setup so that they DO repeatedly buy from you (admitedly, I’ve got to do more of this stuff myself).

Ok, so how do you actually take advantage of this and shortcut the whole trust thing?

Well, you should probably start with being a trustworthy provider of whatever it is you’re selling.

Next, without fail, you should always, constantly, consistently, share your vision, mission and purpose with others and reveal stuff about you.

Get them to buy into you.

The way they’ll buy into you, though, is by appealing to their wants, needs, desires.

You’ve got to solve their problems.

Take away their pains.

Augment their realities.

Enhance their life.

Compliment what they do somehow.

You’ve got to be useful to them in some way, shape or form.

I realize that what I just wrote here is just a big duh moment, right, and nothing groundbreaking at this point, but I promise, keep reading, it gets better.

Now, you can simply do the tough grind thing and grow your business slowly, one by one, person by person, relationship by relationship, but I promise, there is a shortcut to trust and it’s an exploit that is pervasive in the IM world.

See, most launches rely on the relationships folks that have built their lists have with those on these lists.

The one with the product has arranged to give the list owners at least half, but it’s not uncommon to give all of the profits of selling their thing in exchange for getting a new customer.

That’s what a JV is all about.

You sell my thing, I’ll give you money.

Incentives, duh, ok.

We got that.

You and I both have bought $hit from an email we got from someone we trusted selling someone else’s crap thing.

We get excited, we try it, and if you are anything like I used to be then you go ahead and do absolutely nothing with it.

You get another email and boom...the cycle continues.

Alright, so, that’s the circle jerk demonstration of trust abuse and exploitation that’s pretty obvious, right?

But, there are some pretty SMART marketers that have lists that want NOTHING to do with this model.

They’ve slowly, over time, have built their highly coveted audiences.

They recognize how much of a profitable asset they have and treat it as such.

And you know what else?

I’d venture to say the folks that have these audiences that won’t share or exploit them wantonly are more numerous than the ones you and I see routinely in our in boxes.

I also want to give you an idea of how you might possibly tap into profit with these folks, quickly shortcut and hijack trust, make the list owners happy while never once abusing the trust they’ve built up with their audience.

Maybe this is something like, I dunno, TRUST ARBITRAGE, maybe?

I have no clue, but it has worked out pretty profitably for me and I want to share it with you.

What I’ve done is find a few resources that I can readily go to that have these sorts of built up audience relationships, and I simply offer to write custom messages on behalf of the list owner in exchange for some compensation.

Sometimes it’s a percentage of profit using an affiliate link, but usually it’s for a fee I’m comfortable with per piece.

Right now, that number is in the realm of $125 per email.

Well, who the hell would pay these sorts of fees and why would they pay me?

Well, usually I was referred to the prospect with this resources (see that trust hack again?), so I’m already in with them before we ever get started.

Even if I wasn’t there are ways to get in touch with these folks, pretty readily, even if you don’t have someone to refer you.

I’m currently doing it right now in niches I’ve never heard of or I had just plain never thought of.

Stuff like government liaison services, student loan consolidation, and high end mattress companies.

I’ve even been in talks with folks that deal with private jet charter rentals like

Most of these folks came by referral, but I can see how easy it would be to work with these types of folks had I no other ins to get me an intro to them.

What I’m trying to tell you is that this trust thing is powerful and there really are more ways to make money online if you can help others leverage their own assets better.

A useful skill to be able to do that is by offering copywriting services.

And, I’m not talking becoming the best copywriter in the world, either.

All you’ve got to do is be better than the folks that could use your service write.

Want to learn that profitable skill, quickly, easily, and learn how to use it to profit using other people’s resources?

Get on this training with me tomorrow and I promise to teach it all to you.

The service you can offer, and the non obvious places to look to get profitable work that no one else is even looking at.

How much money we talking?

While I can’t promise you that you’ll make anything at all, I can tell you I’ve found a shit ton of opportunity of gigs that routinely pay me at least a few grand, monthly.

The government liason thing pays 100 bucks an email right now and I’m on the hook to do 50 this month.

The mattress thing is easily going to be a few g’s for me, but that’s because I know how to do what the guy needs done.

The student loan thing is a one grand deal for a total of about something that’ll probably take me all of an hour to do.

Again, your results may vary, but this skill is useful in and of itself.

Couple that with knowing how to find opportunity in not so obvious places….how the hell can you lose?

With what I just wrote I realize this is highly underpriced, but like I said, I’m being paid to create the training so, if you want it at the lowest it will ever be, and you want to join me live and get the recording later…

Click Here and Click The Buy Button

It’s tomorrow so you miss out, it’s your loss.



P.S. When I re-release this it will be a lot more money.

It’ll still be worth it, but why pay more for something you know in your heart sounds like something useful to you that you can leverage to profit from for the rest of your life?

I don’t care if you’ve been writing copy for 30 years, you’ll learn something new in this training.

How to quickly hijack trust, write messages that prime easier sales and find opportunity in not so obvious places.

Want in?

Click Here and Click Buy Now (last chance)

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What tv show are you a diehard fan of?

You don’t watch TV?

Ok, then how about a book series or youtube channel, or whatever?

What thing are you a devout passionate follower of?

Do you remember how you got into it?

Do you remember how it all got started for you?

Was it something that happened by accident, like did you stumble upon it or did someone turn you onto it?

I’m a diehard fan of Breaking Bad.

I binged watched the entire thing on Netflix in a week.

A few years later, I watched it again, but this time with my lady (I had to force her to watch it with me).

At first she was soooooo reluctant, but eventually, she gave in.

All it took was one episode + my exuberant urging for her to watch it to get her hooked.

I’m talkin’ meth head hooked (pun intended).

As soon as she gave it a try, she couldn’t wait for the next episode.

I was like “See! Told you, you’d like it.”

Then she started talkin’ about it and telling other people how good it is, etc.

Alright so, whatever continuity based thing you’re addicted to, I want you to consider something about it…

Why are you into it?

What keeps you coming back for the next one in the series?

The next episode?

The next comic?

The next show?

The secret is something very much worth learning, dontcha think?

It’s a whole bunch of stuff, clearly, but some of the the more useful aspects that you can either incorporate into your everyday life to keep it interesting or to try and mix into your business, if you want to be more prosperous include the following elements:

Interesting characters - multilayered, deep, relatable, often highly conflicted, but they do have some “powers,” things they can do that most others can’t do.

Interesting Theme - This kind of is the meta moral issue that’s going on throughout the continued story line. This is the unspoken part of the story that often gets “read into” by the audience, viewer or reader.

Interesting Plot - Often a struggle the main character or characters go through on their journey to whatever their end goal. We watch, read or watch the character develop and transform over the course of their journey (something else that keeps us locked in).

Setting - Where’s it all taking place. Familiar place settings can and do have an impact on relatability to your audience, while it seems that “weird” settings have more broad based appeal (I think it’s because it doesn’t ostracize folks...we can all go to this strange fantasy world).

The other secret ingredients….

CURIOSITY and (I’m gonna say it…) Open muthafuckin loops.

You probably won’t watch the next thing if you’re not interested in finding out what happens next.

You probably won’t watch the next thing if you can figure it out before it happens (that’s a big problem with shitty series endings).

You will watch, though, if you’re already kind of in the middle of it, but you want to know how it ends.

Ever notice how most shows, today at least, end on a cliff hanger?

The end in some sort of dilemma that leads right into the next episode.

Wanna find out what happens?

Come back for next week’s episode because that shit is to be continued.

Older shows like Murder She Wrote and Columbo, they used to incorporate everything into that one episode and then do it all over again next time.

I think that’s a major difference between today’s series based stuff and the stuff up until the beginning of the 2000’ least in television.

I could be wrong...I dunno.

What do you think?

Anyways, why the hell am I going on about all this?

Well, learning how to write stuff like this isn’t the world’s hardest thing to do.

All you’ve got to do is learn a formula and then practice.

I plan on teaching you a formula that I use.

It’s a rather simple formula, but it works really well for keeping prospects, customers, and clients interested in you and your business.

You can use it anytime, anywhere, on the fly and the more you use it the more good things happen.

You can learn this skill and offer it as a service to others (like I do) or you can simply use it to crank out endlessly interesting content (like I do).

You can use it to presell your solution like for an upcoming launch, or to prep folks that haven’t even considered they had a problem they need solved to begin with.

It’s a very good way to prime people and shift market awareness.

If you want to learn how to do what I’m describing and additional ways you can work with folks that will pay you for this as a service then…

Click Here to Join Me On The Training Live (happens in 2 days so act fast or miss out).



P.S. I never did watch Breaking Bad on A&E. Why? I don’t have A&E. The good news is they package all the stories up and make them available for sale later on (you can buy it on Amazon) or you can get yourself a subscription service like Netflix and then watch it at will.

This sideways selling training gives you the ability to create POWERFUL content that you can either use later on for yourself (you’re creating marketing collateral assets), or as a service for others.

Either way, it’s powerful to learn and if you actually use it….prepare your pockets to receive….

Click Here If You Want To Learn This Live

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Everyday Not So Obvious Alchemy

You know, a lot of online folks think that the only way to use sideways selling is via email.

While I’m a huge fan myself of email, too, it’s not the only form of continuity based selling, pre-engagement, or whatever you want to call it.

There are tons of ways to make continuity work.

Just look at groups (like, ahem, the Parlay Society)...

This is all continuity based stuff.

Everything posted in your newsfeed here is meant to get you to come back and see what’s been posted here for your benefit.

What useful morsel of insight or useful information has been highlighted and presented for your benefit?

Hate groups?

Ok, then what about membership sites?

If you’re a member of any of those, I’m pretty sure you go and check in every so often to see what’s new, right?

Or, the best ones that I know of…


All the greatest marketers I know of have a newsletter of some sort.

Print newsletters at that (I need to get my act together with this one).

I mean every one of them.

Need some examples?

I dunno…

Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Shaun Buck, Ben Settle, etc.

With the ability to create and send information to millions of people with the click of a mouse for free, mind you, why the hell would anyone want to waste time creating harder to make, expensive to distribute print newsletters in this digital day and age?

Well, I’m no expert, but my understanding is…

Because it’s long term profit potential, and ability to retain long term “rabid fan,” “true believer” type customers.

What’s a true believer customer?

Someone that has spent money with you and is eagerly anticipating receiving your next package.

Someone that hungrily consumes anything and everything you send to them, thereby, further solidifying the trust they have in you, their complete buy in of what you’re all about, and the likely reinforcement of them as continued paying customers for the foreseeable future.

Does that sound like something you’d want to learn how to do?

Well, look, honestly, though I have yet to create my own offline newsletter, I have written newsletter content for some obscure niches (government procurement, anyone?).

You’re also, currently, watching me flesh out my training catalog with live training using the same principles I intend to share with you on this (current) training, so that you can replicate it for yourself or provide is as a profitable service for others.

If that’s not proof of it’s effectiveness, then, so be it, I suppose my point was lost on you.

If you want to learn it, however, and you want to learn some neat ways to find lucrative opportunities that aren’t so obvious, and can most likely set you up for the long haul then…

Click Here To Join Me For This Training

It’ll only be more expensive later, plus, you’re getting to attend live, which means you can ask me anything you want (as it pertains to the training) and get the benefits no one who doesn’t attend live will get.

You’re getting it at the best price possible and you’ll now have a skill you can use to profit from until the end of your days.

Or, let it sit in your digital library until you’re ready to use it...up to you.

I’m simply going to make the skill available to you.

Are you coming?

The window to attend is almost closed.

Go here, today, and get in before it’s gone.

Click Here to Grab Your Spot



P.S. Another way to use this is to learn a skill you can teach in your own way.

I’m going to teach you a way to turn everyday “$hit” into gold.

I’ve used this as a coaching tool, as well, and it’s been a fairly lucrative way to add a nice chunk of change to the bottom line without having to actually “do” anything except teach a very useful concept that most folks are clueless about.

Can you imagine how many types of unique industries wish they knew how to write better continuity content, but, have no idea where to start?

How many wish they had a personal mentor to go to for advice and answers?

MLM? Offline? Corporations? Organizations?

There is TONS of opportunity that most of the digital folks don’t know exist.

If you want to know some of the more obscure ways I’ve found money using little known resources in not so obvious ways…

Join me for this Sideways Selling Training (hurry, times almost up)


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Secrets To NEVER Divulge..(And Why)

Are you looking for opportunities in all the obvious places?

Well, guess what…

So is everyone else.

Why not take a little time to map out a few ideas on where you can find some opportunities that aren’t so obvious?

Look where a lot of folks aren’t looking.

Low hanging fruit opportunity is called that for a reason.

They’re legit opportunities, they’re “easy” to grab and, apparently, they’re quite abundant.

But you know what…?

Low hanging fruit isn’t the best fruit.

They just feel like easy pickins.

Hey, but, so is fruit on the ground.

And, look, I’m not about suggesting you skip over easy opportunities, but what I’m trying to get you to see is there are TONS of opportunity that MOST folks aren’t going after because they’re less obvious.

They’re out of direct view.

They’re one more rung up.

You’ve just got to look a little deeper.

Reach a bit higher.

How do I know?

That’s how I’ve been able to carve out and create my own opportunities.

With whatever your skillset, there are always going to be the saturated and obvious places MOST people go look for “deals.”

But, honestly, “real deals” AREN’T obvious.
Or, if they are, they’re scarce and in limited supply.

Better deals, however, that are still in quite abundance (if you know where to look), they’re the ones you search, sort and sift through to find.

For example, I’ve discovered a lot of folks (especially the new folks), once they’ve started testing their copywriting chops, they figure out that writing emails are some of the more lucrative opportunities available.

So...what do they do?

Yup, now, all over the interwebs you can find folks spouting out they’ll write your “powerful” profit pulling email sequence that will make you tons of money for just $XXX amount of dollars or some kind of discount deal on a package.

I’m not kidding when I tell you there is a glut of this stuff.

At first, I was frustrated by it, too.


Because, that’s the same sort of stuff I was trying to get work for.

But then I started thinking about it.

When I stopped and thought a little about the problem, I came to realize that trying to pitch the same offer in the sea of sameness had to stop if I was to keep succeeding.


I made my list of possible NON-obvious opportunities and started fleshing it out.

I thought about potential power partners (I’ve got a few contacts that keep me too busy with gigs), potential places where I could offer my services that I didn’t hear anyone else talking about and even chatted with a few smart minds to see if they knew things I had no clue on.

And guess what…

I found EASY WORK that I had NO IDEA existed.

Alright, honestly, maybe it was easy for me because I had the skills, but no matter.

It’s a skill I plan on teaching a few folks how to do too, but only if they want to join me.

I found gigs doing the SAME TYPE of work that I loved doing, and was good at, but no one else was talking about or fishing in.

The good news is that these skills are transposable. They can be ported to all different kinds of useful selling opportunities and mediums.

Once you learn how to do that...just create your own well and you’ll never go thirsty.

That’s where I think everyone wants to be.

Once you can find your own little secluded fishing hole opportunity….don’t tell folks about it.

You just put out your line and get your share.

I mean, spread it if you want, but why the hell would you?

Oh, to help people?

Ok, sure.

Well, look, I’m not about to give up the details on where I’ve found opportunities, not for free.

On the training I’m doing, soon, I will not only teach you the skill set you can use to allow you to make all the moolah you want by offering as a service to others, or yourself, but it will also give you ideas on where to search that aren’t obvious.

Want to learn?

If you’re at all interested in learning this sideways selling skills training that I’m giving this Friday, March 24th 2017, register before it’s too late.

For the details,

Click Here For To Get Registered



P.S. For the folks that join me on the call, not only will you have a new skill that you can use to offer as either a service or just as a means to subtly sell your goods, stealthily in little tight power packed subliminal ways, but you’ll learn where to start searching for opportunities that most folks aren’t looking.

I mean, go for the obvious, like everyone else, if you want to, but, if you’d rather use a little lateral thinking strategies to find opportunity where it’s not obvious then make sure you join me on this live training.

The doors are closing soon.

Are you joining us or you going to keep struggling with the rest of the starving word artists?

Click Here To Try Something Different


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I can’t believe I’m writing about this, but, fuck happened and so, hopefully, it makes the case.

Whenever something catches your attention, anything…

The immediate “knee jerk” reaction your mind thinks is: “Oh this dangerous?” (nanoinstant yes / no response to that). “Can I eat it food?” (nanoinstant yes/no response here, too). “Is it something fun?” (this includes the thought...can I have sex with “it”).

Now, I recently made a video where I talked about the elements that plays in the background of our minds whenever we encounter a potentially interesting story that deals with the who, what, when, where, why’s, etc.

I said that I wasn’t sure how important “where” was, but I realize, now, that I think where does have a bearing, more so than I thought.

Where the story takes place or where the thing is happening, the setting, subtly influences how proximate the impact is to us on a personal level.

See, whenever we encounter a story we think about whether or not the story hits “close to home” on some level.

Otherwise, it transports us to a place we’d either rather be or would NEVER hope to visit or set foot in.


I’m gonna tell you a quick but very, very screwed up story that is graphic and not something for the feint of heart.

If you’re not into true crime details then do not read the next following lines (in fact, maybe just skip the rest of this).

The point I want to make is how the faction thing and how a bad thing and a good thing can flip flop, almost instantly and then I want to tie that to how the where it took place affected me.

While there are a few takeaways, one that I want to make sure you get is…

If you read this, I want to challenge you to figure out why.

What kept your interest?

What kept you reading?

Why didn’t you turn away?

So, here I am browsing my Facebook newsfeed and all of a sudden I click a link that had to do with Narco war something or other.

What I saw next, I wasn’t prepared for.

The Narco wars are all about the drug trafficking, and goings on with the various factioned drug cartels and their rivalry for money and power across the border.

Now, side note, I’ve got to admit, I already think of anything outside of the United States as dangerous, but I especially believe the stuff that goes on just across the border is no man’s land type stuff.

So, I think Trump’s play on the whole wall thing and his fear mongering about keeping them out was a smart play on his part.

He played on the fears that I will now go ahead and share with you was sort of kind of validated with what I witnessed from the comfort and safety of my home computer.

End side note.

Let’s get back to what I saw.

Ok, so I click a video and immediately I’m completely horrified.

There are a bunch of, presumably, Mexican gang dudes sawing off the head of some poor bastard who’s arms are tied in front of him, being held down by a couple of other fellows as this one dude is…

Cutting off his head.

While this is going on, the poor bastard “victim” is screaming and yelping in agony, desperately squirming and flailing about, trying to do anything to, hopefully, end his suffering.

No matter.

The “bad guys” continue, ignoring his cries of suffering.

Sick fucking bastards.

Ok, now if that’s not enough, now come the orbital details.

The stuff going on that you only notice once you’ve stopped focusing on the main horror show that’s taking place.

First, as the guy moves his arms about, which were tied to like at the bend of his arm, I noticed…

He had no hands.

They fucking cut off the dudes hands.

Then, I noticed that his face is covered in blood, which is obviously his, I mean they’re cutting his head off and the bloody stumps that used to be hands are squirting out all over the place.

Fuckin….geezus Christ.

But, we’re not done with how sick these fucks are (at this point you’ve got to be wondering why I haven’t clicked away, right?).

I am thoroughly horrified, and simultaneously in disbelief that in this day and age this sort of sick sadistic shit happens in the world.

I can’t believe people can do this to another human WITHOUT feeling any remorse.

Zero compassion.

Zero fucks.

Ok, so, like I said, it gets worse.

So, the camera guy, whoever’s filming this shit, this guy zooms in on the “victim’s” face, and then the true horror of why his face is covered in blood is made very clear…

He’s got no face.

They had sliced off his face before this segment in the reality show.

The guy’s face had been skinned while he was still alive.

As I’m watching this, my heart sinks.

The energy literally leaves my body and I start shaking.

I can’t believe this is taking place.

I can’t believe this is real.

But there it is.

Immediately, my mind goes to hate for these fuckers that are doing this to this poor bastard.

And guess what else I’m thinking….

I’m thinking, “where the fuck is this taking place.”

Yeah, I know….

I said I didn’t know how important that was before...but it is.

It’s extremely important.


Because I never want to be wherever this shit is happening.

I never want to encounter the evil beings that I’m watching do to another human what I’d never believe a human could do to another human.

The other thought going through my head involves sympathy for the victim.

I can’t imagine the amount of pain, agony and suffering he’s going through.

I can’t fathom any of it.

Ok, the video plays out and, as you can imagine, it’s just horrible.

After it’s over, I look around and notice the comments.

The sick fucking comments.

You got folks there commenting on the killer’s clothes, the background music that you hear playing as they’re murdering this guy (it’s 80’s music...and someone in the background is straight up flipping tracks, selecting the next songs, etc.).

Some folks are asking for the full video.

They wanna see the torture stuff.

I just can’t believe it.

I was about to leave the site, in complete disbelief, completely unsatisfied.


Because I watched what, in my mind, was a bad thing happening to a good guy.

That outcome left me extremely pissed off.

I was sitting there wishing something bad would happen to those sick fucking, torturous, murdering bastards that committed this sick and twisted act on this poor, helpless bastard that was in complete agony.

They were responsible.

They were the ones that did this.

They deserved to pay.


It didn’t look like that was gonna happen today.

So, anger was what I was going to leave that site with.

Hold on.

I did a quick bit of fishing around and I found something useful…

Something to satisfy close the loop.

The victim….

The dude that was getting his head cut off…

Looks like he had done the same thing to a bunch of women not that much earlier.

The guy was a murdering sonamabitch, himself.


True or not (I’d willed it to be it was now true in my mind), that changed the whole dynamic.

Now, it was a bad thing happening to a bad guy.

Now it was vengeance.

Now it was justified.

I could leave that stuff alone, and be less heavy hearted.

Not completely, but less.

Yes, the story I just told you is 110% true and it was as traumatic for me to watch as it was for you to probably read.

Why did I share it with you?

Remember the lesson.

It was for you to figure out why it was interesting.

Why you kept reading.

And, it was to demonstrate the simple flip of the switch dynamic of the intent of context.

This went from Bad thing happening to Good guy to Bad thing happening to Bad guy.

For some, the bad thing, the act of murder was also flipped.

It was vengeance.

That, in and of itself is a flip.

Vengeance….that’s often a good thing depending on what faction you’re in.

Anyways, sorry to traumatize you, but I warned you.

I hope you found use and value from this story.

If you’d like to be able to tell some (maybe not as graphic, but with as much interest) then maybe you want to join me on the Sideways Selling Training happening live March 24th 2017.

For details

Click Here



P.S. Being able to tell effective stories is the lifeblood of effective preselling.

When you can tell a story that can capture attention, within that story is your chance to embed the secret commands, secret persuasive elements that allow you to be undetectably influential.

That’s powerful, isn’t it?

If you want to be able to do this sort of stuff on command without trying too hard (with practice of course) then make sure you don’t miss this training.

If you want more details…

Click Here Before It’s Too Late

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The guy looked like a cross between Freddy Krueger and a Buffoon.

The intro Jimmy Kimmel gave him made him sound like a complete douche hole.


In about 6 minutes I would learn something very valuable about “attention jacking” and “trojan sideways selling” that has stayed with me forever.

So, the guy’s name was Mystery and at the time, he was a central topic of interest because he was the guru reality host of a show on VH1 called “The Pickup Artist.”

The premise of the show was for him to help more socially inept dudes get laid or something like that.

Basically, it was self confidence and development for the socially awkward.

Ok, so what was so weird about this guy and what was the lesson?

First off, the guy comes out and he’s like 7 feet tall, it seems.

He’s wearing a Freddy Krueger style sweater, hoop earrings, a pony tail and a mammoth size fuzzy hat that looked like Dr. Seuss’s “cat in the hat,” only his was black.

So, I’d imagine, like most people in the viewing audience, I was wondering what this guy was gonna say?

What kinda bullshit was this weird looking spectacle about to spout out that could possibly be anything more than entertaining?

I was SURE he was gonna confirm my belief that he was just an attention whore with nothing more to offer other than a good laugh, perhaps.

Turned out, the dude had some useful stuff to share.

See, the hat, the big stupid wooly mammoth hat that made him look extra “spectacle-y” wasn’t just a fashion statement….

It was a conversation starter.

It provided a way for people to engage without awkwardness.

It was a very useful attention magnet because it was instantly attention grabbing.

Not only that, but it provided the perfect entry point to engage in conversation.

I want to point out, the conversation starts in the mind.


Well, whoever’s nearby.

Even during the interview you see Jimmy Kimmel, the host and another guest were all kind of transfixed on the hat.

The next thing you know, the questions come out and while you’re waiting to hear his response, in that flash of a moment before he does, you probably already have an inkling of what he’s gonna say.

The problem, though, is that his response is TOTALLY different than what you might expect.

Totally counterintuitive, and more importantly, in my opinion, totally counter expectation AND useful.

Yeah, while I know the dude is being interviewed as a guest on a talk show, that means he HAS to be entertaining, but the meta lesson…

The strategic lesson…

The thing that makes what he does so useful are that the concepts can be employed by anyone willing to learn them and put them to use.

Using this lesson has served me well.

And, not just in a social setting, live and in person, but virtually, as well.

It’s made me a nice bit of money, has helped me connect more easily with people, quickly, and it works reliably well.

And yeah, as an offshoot, you’ll also, probably, boost up self confidence when you use this.

These are all good things worth learning, right?

Alright, so, let me just teach it to you.

The lesson is about gaining trojan access to highly guarded, super fortified and well defended areas, at least, as it relates to social settings.

It all starts with either an extension or remnant of you.

What do I mean?

First, let’s start with convention.

When you do things the way “they” want you to, that means you’re working within the rules and restrictions of someone else’s making.

For lack of a better way to relay it, it’s the Matrix, if you will.

This is all about breaking convention, veering off the path, shortcuts and perspective shifting.

When you want to get a job, you apply.

Want to get a date, you try.

Want to make a friend, you pander.

In all of those instances, you’re basically lining up like a lemming, hoping to be anointed, and accepted.

You’re giving your power to the will and decision of someone else.

You’re leaving yourself and your outcomes to chance.

In fact, on you’re making outcome too important on an individual basis.

No individual event should have so much control and influence over you in your life, except death.


Just so long as you’re not hurting anyone else, you’re striving to be a better version of yourself, all the time, and you’re contributing something good or useful to the world, no one thing is that important.

And the beauty is, you can construct it as you go along, but, it’s nice to have an idea of what you’re building.

When you use these trojan style hacks, you create your own opportunity.

You create your own openings.

When you move forward towards your goals and objectives, not on the path laid out for you, but instead, blazing your own trail, you’ll find shortcuts that no one else knows about.

It’s cheating but in a good way, like finding the code to skip a level in a video game.

Instant warps zones and shit.

The douche bag hat is an extension of the guy, but it is a very useful one that allowed him to “get in” without setting off alarms, without alerting guards and without even messing with the locks.

But, it’s only the first part.

Want to learn the rest?

Want to learn how to use your own innate superpowers to create your own path?

Want to change convention with words?

Want to be more influential?

More persuasive?

Do you want me to teach you how?

Click Here If you Want To Learn Live



P.S. The sideways selling stuff is all about getting attention, subtly, and staying top of mind.

How much easier do you think it is to get people to comply with you if you not only already have their attention, but you then continually hit their pain and pleasure buttons in a way that ties you directly to the source of what they need?

They already want it.

Now, you’re the only choice to give it to them.

Pretty nice spot to be in, right?

I want to teach you how I do that, everyday.

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Tech Fallacy & Sales Domination

You know what the fallacy is with tech?

It’s the bull$hit promise that it’ll make your life easier.

I mean, yeah, we can now communicate on a global scale with ease, but…

What happens when the technology doesn’t work?

What happens when you can’t get the thing done with technology?

What happens when the thing that’s supposed to happen doesn’t happen?

How about when the “servers down?” Or, there’s a bug in the system?

What the hell do you do then?

In certain instances, the low tech alternative is the more efficient and effective alternative.

Take selling for example.

Most GREAT salespeople, at least, that I know, they’re all great at selling conversationally, in person.

That is, they do better once they’re sitting in front of an interested prospect than they do to try and sift, sort and attract those folks.

They’re usually better at selling than at marketing.

The other thing is, a lot of the ones I know, they are very good at persuading.

That is, they’re good at getting people to change their minds, but…

Here’s the caveat…

The ones that are good at this, also, have something else in common.

Usually, they’re the ones that take the longest amount of time with their prospects.

They slow down and converse.

They answer questions, embrace objections and make their prospects feel comfortable.

These same sales folks, again, at least the ones I know, they’re horrible at getting folks to the party to sit and be sold in the first place.

They’ve got patience for their prospects, especially in dealing with them, but no patience setting up their own lead gen flow.

They rely on whoever they work for to get prospects coming through the doors, teed up to take a sales swing at.


Most of the stuff that’s required to keep the pipeline full involves an extra step.

Usually, it’s writing AND distributing a message out into the ether.

It’s recording yourself talking into the cameras of their smart phones.

It’s sending out follow up email.

It’s making a post update on their social media profile of choice.

Even with the advent of technology, that stuff takes time and extra effort.

The irony is they have all the technology to do all those things….they just don’t.

But, why?

I think it’s because that other stuff requires creativity and discipline to use.

It requires structure and a game plan.

That’s all in addition to getting good at selling.

Ain’t nobody got no time for that.

They’re too busy.

Come on, with all the other stuff they’ve got going on in their lives?

Come on!


What if it wasn’t that hard to create the message you’d like to preload into the minds of your market?

What if you could do it every day with ease?

Think you’d be able to fill your own pipeline?

You could actually spend less time closing deals if you were just dealing with folks that were 80% presold on whatever it is you’re selling anyway, right?

I mean, how hard is it to sell a thing a person came to buy?

It’s not.

And, look, the technology is there.

You already have access to it.

Much of the stuff you need to make use of is already available to you, and, generally speaking, it’s mostly free to use on the devices you’re using.

The thing is, the message that I’m trying to drive home here is that the creative…

The SKILL that goes into developing yourself into a pre-selling, pre-suasive artist, that stuff doesn’t require technology.

It requires understanding patterns, and practice.

It requires just a little know how.

With just a little practice, just a little patience and doing just a little bit each day, you’ll have a USEFUL skill you can use for the rest of your life that will augment whatever it is you do, guaranteed.

Want to learn it?



P.S. Speaking of technology, the sales page for the training is now available

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On a side note, I think a simpler alternative would have worked just fine.

The first part of this rant was inspired by the frustration inherent with making the tech part of the sales page work.

I’ll test that theory out next time but for now, if you decide to jump on board before the timer hits zero, here’s what you can expect…

1. Click buy
2. You’ll be taken to a webinar registration page
3. Enter the date into your calendar
4. Be there live

Yes, even if you can’t attend live there will be a recording for those that purchased (but show up live to ask your questions)

When’s the training take place?

Friday, March 24th, 2017 at 10:30am

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So, what the hell is a sideways selling system, exactly?

Before I get to that, make sure you bookmark this post (yes, I promise it’s THAT GOOD).

It’s not just emailing, although, email is one of the easiest ways to make use of this pretty readily.

Actually, I’m so confident that it’s more than emailing, I want to just give you a resource below that will help you with better emails, if that’s your only agenda.

This is way more than that.

What I will attempt to convey to you in this post is that EVERYTHING you do, every time you open your trap, every time you express yourself, for whatever reason, you’re attempting to exert your influence.

Oh, sure, sometimes you’re just responding or reacting, but even still, if you’ve given your response a little thought to preparation, you’re attempting to control.

Don’t agree?

Ok, that’s cool, too.

I wouldn’t agree either without some examples.

Here are a few that hopefully make my case.

Let’s use a dating analogy (and maybe a few others).

How do you get a date?

What’s your preferred strategy or method for dating?

Is it some sort of app?

Is it going to the bars?


No matter what the medium, you probably try your best to raise your status appeal before engaging?

In your profile you try and use the “best” looking photo of yourself.

If you’re out on the prowl you probably try and “dress up” a bit.

Wear your nice bling, your cool hat, nice kicks and snazzy gear.

Get your hair did a bit.

Put on the good smellz, right?

If you’re sufficiently motivated, you do anything you can think of to make yourself seem more attractive, right?

Now, of course, sufficiently motivated all depends on what your objective is and how much effort you’re willing to put into it.


What is it that you’re trying to do here?

Is it to get to know the person?

Is it to get laid?

Is it to get married?

Whatever it is, I’m sure you’re already aware, there are a number of things you can do to seemingly accelerate the process.

Obviously, the larger long term the investment goal (marriage I suppose), the “deeper” you have to go and the more time it’s going to take to get the other person just as deeply invested, if at all.

What about getting a job?

Generally speaking, you see the ad, fill out their application, submit your resume, get the interview and, using the hope and pray system, you sit and wait.

To up your chances, you probably do that same process a few, twenty, forty, sixty times and hope someone wants to give you a shot.

When you’re interviewing, that’s usually when you try and turn on the charm, try to impress and try to make yourself seem more important than you might be in real everyday life.

See, that’s where most people drop the ball.

The stuff that makes you seem important should be happening before you ever get to that interview.

Start with the resume.

Shit, start BEFORE the resume.

If you’re a salesperson for a larger organization, you’ve probably gone through a few trainings or so, right?

The hardcore sales guy or girl is working on shorter deadlines, usually selling items that are probably more high volume inventory based goods.

If not, if you’re selling high ticket commercial stuff or luxury goods then most of your positioning is geared towards authority or celebrity appeal, right?

When you’re pitching big wigs with deep pockets, you’re probably versed in authority or “A-Frame” pitching.

That’s cool.

That works.

But, wouldn’t it be even cooler if you knew how to position yourself in the mind of your target without having to overtly say you’re the shit?

The thing that allows you to do that, the thing that is one of the most potent builders of preselling connection is trust.

If folks trust you then they’re more likely to do as you suggest.

Lose trust and you’ve lost ALL your power to influence them the way you want.

This sideways selling stuff I’m going on about is all about trojan trust building.

The most readily used medium to relay this sort of stuff is through writing, but of course, it’s not the only way.

In fact, my contention is if you can learn and internalize the abstract nature of trust building….

If you’ll take the time to learn what elements to incorporate into your communication, each and every time…

If you understand and can keep in mind what your communication is supposed to do…

And if you can package up a message that not only incorporates those elements, but, also can actually accomplish what you’re trying to do, then you’ll find selling your agenda is not very hard.

What sideways selling is, in my opinion, is learning how to rapidly build trust, covertly.
A way to do that is through familiarity.

But more than that, it’s also a way to erode any defenses, barriers and reduce or circumvent skepticism by systematically wearing away at all of those things.

It’s trojan buy in on the part of the person you’re trying to influence.

Even though that sounds a little sneaky, and it is, believe it or not, it’s a requirement to be able to successfully navigate a “civilized” society.

Don’t believe me?

If you’re trying to get laid or get married, why don’t you just start with those as propositions, immediately?

Why not just make those things known right off the bat?

Imagine your first thing out of your mouth is: “I’m Chuck and I’m lookin’ to Phuq.”

Or, “I’m Larry and I’m trying to find a nice girl to marry.”

You know why?

Because it makes you sound like a desperate ass hat.

Trying to get that job?

Why not just come out and tell them you’re interested in the job of the person interviewing you (assuming you actually want that person’s job)? won’t get the job.

Trying to sell your low priced shit?

Why not just tell them to buy it or fuck off and don’t waste your time?

Oh wait, I actually know some people that do that.

But, I think you get what I’m trying to convey, right?

Now, this pre-selling shit, a lot of folks think is just about selling via email.

It can be.

I think It’s WAAAYYY more than that.

In fact, if you’re just interested in writing better emails there is a link below to some kick ass email templates, if that’s all you’re interested in (you’re welcome).

This stuff, the presell, pre-suasion, trust building stuff I’m gonna train you on, works like a structured framework pattern that you can use on the fly and in any format:

Sign Language

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is how often you use it, who you use it on, how consistent you are with it, and what your agenda is.

In the wrong hands (yep, I’m going there), this stuff is dangerous and can and has been used for evil.

In the right hands, a person can take control of their own destiny.

Learning how to do this teaches you how to influence the world, even if just one person at a time.

It dovetails nicely with the negotiation training and the other trainings I plan on doing this year.

Using this skills along with the negotiation training together, alone, could allow you to write your own ticket as a service provider for others.

Use this along with those ideas I gave you on where to get’re golden.

Actually, using this stuff I’ve landed some pretty weird but lucrative gigs that pay nice chunk of change.

For example, I write “sideways selling” messages for government liasons that pay GRIP!

How much?

Well, look, you get what you negotiate, but I probably wouldn’t had this gig if it weren’t for learning this skill.

Right now, I currently charge about $100 bucks a post for posts that are anywhere from 350 to about 750 words.

Probably underpriced it but when you’re getting them in chunks of 30 to 50, it’s not that bad.

That’s just what I’ve done.


I have no idea what you’ll be able to do with it.

It depends on how good you get and whether or not you know where to look, and how to negotiate.

It’s also useful to understand how to effectively network (very, very useful).

Not to mention, it’s also the same stuff I use to launch these little live trainings to the small group we have inside the Parlay Society.

Anyways, enough digression and ramblings.

I hope this stuff has helped you in some way and if you want the full on pattern make sure to join me on the 24th (link to buy will be up shortly).

Though we’ll be talking about this in terms of emails, this is not just for emails.

In fact, if all you’re interested in doing is learning how to write powerfully effective emails, which this will do AND THEN SOME, just use the resource below for that.

This training is gonna kick it up a notch and is way more versatile.

Was this at all helpful or just a long winded rant that made no sense?



P.S. 26 Cold Email Templates for those that are just looking for better email swipe.

Download it here (link is inside the group...) →

To learn the uber versatile pattern I’ve created, be sure and join me the 24th.

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Got your attention?


The reference I’m making is to the show WipeOut, on ABC.

It’s worth noting that although the show has not officially been canceled, there haven’t been any new episodes aired, recently, either (more on why this is noteworthy later on...keep reading).

If you’ve never seen it, the show is Amaze Balls, literally.

It features average Jane and Joe contestants of all athletic abilities, ranging from none to super human, who all compete against one another to try and complete an abusive obstacle as fast as possible.

There are usually three main challenges, the first one being the main wipeout obstacle course, the next is kind of a head to head elimination challenge and the last one is another time trial obstacle course challenge.

The idea is to complete the course with the fastest time possible and / or try to not get eliminated as they advance through the trials.

The contestant pool thins at every stage.

Alright, so with tons of other competing obstacle course challenge shows available, why was this one my favorite?

Well, for me, it’s because of the utter spectacular and epic failures you get to see contestants go through.

Many of the contestants should never have taken on the challenge to begin with, but, alas, they do.

I mean, the obstacle course is GRUELING, but there’s more.

The obstacle course is usually enhanced with even more third party interference and secret obstacles that are meant to further hinder contestant progress.

A hurdle that goes up and down as they try and get over it.

A wall that punches you in the face as you try and cling to it.

Another wall that catapults you forward if you stall too long.

And then….

There are the BIG RED BALLS.

These things are all spaced out a few feet above a moat of foaming water.

The idea is to run across them from your start to finish without falling in the water.

Almost no one can do it, but we watch in hopeful anticipation, each and every time.

The thing is, the payoff, either way, is inevitable.

If they make it, which HAS happened, we, the view, is just as excited for them as they seem to be to have made it.

But, usually, they don’t make it and the epicness of how they fail is still rewarding for us as we watch them humiliate themselves on national T.V.

God, I love that show.


Glad you asked.

The nature of sideways selling utilizes the same principles and elements that WipeOut and shows like it that keep us watching, keep us engaged, waiting with all sorts of anticipation for some kind of ultimate payoff.

The difference between the show and sideways selling is novelty.

While the show’s premise is the same, each and every time, with variation in contestants, and the actual obstacle challenges they try and take on, the theme doesn’t change.

Contestants trying to get through obstacles filled with additional hidden (but known about) obstacles.

That , my dear reader, is both part of the long term problem, and the success.

We’re watching other people go through obstacles, but the payoff, we don’t really participate in, in any meaningful way.

What I mean is, there’s entertainment.

There’s pleasure and pain….oh lot of pain.

Emotion, check.

Move their agenda forward and setup the next episode?

I dunno...perhaps?

Do they stir up curiosity?

I think so, but you’ve got to actually care about the outcome, which I’m not sure everyone watching does, except in that instance.

Does it feel useful or insightful?….is probably why we haven’t seen new episodes, just yet.

The viewer has to feel like they’ve taken part in some way.

Just watching or being a spectator is an easy vantage to walk away from.

If they’re not part of the experience, they’re just observing.

What I want to teach you aims to show you how to hit the points that this wonderful show seems to miss.

I want to help you hit all the right check marks, and do it on the fly.

This is a skill that allows you to create persuasive, magnetic messaging aimed perfectly at those that read it.

If you take the time to learn this, and implement it, it’ll be like having a super power that allows you the ability to hook people with your message, sell them on your ideas, and get them to do what you’re suggesting.

You’ll learn how to setup the track and simply guide them through it without them feeling like you’ve been doing that all along.

Compliance will feel like their choice.

If it feels like they choose to do it, they own the decision.

If they own that decision...they’ve bought in.

Instead of selling them, you’re allowing them to buy in.

Isn’t that a lot easier?

Would that be something you want to learn to do?

Let me know



P.S. At the end of every episode of Wipeout, one of the co-hosts of the show, John Henson (hilarious dude), always signs off with the phrase: “Until next time, good night….and big balls.”

That little phrase is an excellent demonstration of trojan branding.

I can’t help but think of that show whenever I hear people using those last two words, anywhere.

Crude jokes, ecommerce descriptions, memes...etc.

The phrase equals that show for me.

With that little trivial tidbit of insight, I’m hoping you’ll be joining us on the 24th for the live training (link to buy will be available here soon).

If you want the freebie that shows you where to find folks that will give you money using this skill just comment below “yes, I want the link” and I’ll pm you where to get the link (hint, you should be a member of the Parlay Society).

Join the Parlay Society here →

Thanks for participating.

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Who coined the term sideways sales letter?

If you’ve been selling online for any length of time then I’m sure you’ve heard the name Jeff Walker before, right?

That’s the “Product Launch Formula” guy.

When I think the word guru, he’s definitely one that comes to mind, for me, at least.

Yeah, that guy, as far as I know, was the first to talk about selling sideways.

His “launch” process is all about building up the anticipation of a product that’s about to come out, while, simultaneously deferring the buy button AND alerting the potential buying market that the window to buy will usually be for a short window of time.

Now, I don’t know about you, but in the internet marketing, make money online, get rich for $27 dollar space, the product launch formula is a well worn model.

If you’ve ever suffered from digital product shiny object syndrome then I’m sure you’ve seen this type of launch over and over again, right?

It’s nothing new.

In fact, the process of “launching” something and building up the anticipation for it is nothing new.

You see it all the time in Holywood.

Actually, if you want to know if a movie is a gonna kickass opening weekend, it’s real easy to predict.

All you’ve got to do is take note of how far in advance a movie is being promoted before it’s release date.

Note all the preview trailers, bill-boards, posters, social post shares, banner ads, groups talking about it, buzz, etc.

Although it’s not scientific, that’s a very good way to figure out which movie is gonna have a kickass opening weekend and might potentially be a box office smash.

All of that is preselling.

All of that is product launch formula stuff.

Sideways selling.

But the movies is not the only place you can observe this strategy in action.

It’s all over.

Television drama series, talk radio shows, comics, podcasts, etc.

Actually, not everyone does the sideways selling thing, but I think the smart ones do.

Basically, if there exists some sort of continuity aspect to it, like if each episode, each individual thing is a part of a series then you can, oftentimes, build this presell stuff into it.

And you should.


You can create fervor for the next thing.

Build up anticipation and pressure.

I know there are a lot of differing opinions on how you should go about selling whatever it is that you’re selling.

But, if you think about this carefully, you’ll discover that even when there is no buy button attached to whatever the message, if it’s training you to take an action and messin’ with your feelz in a way that you’re sort of anxiously awaiting the next thing...then it’s effectively selling.

More accurately, it’s preselling.

I’ve taken courses on this sort of stuff (Colin's is pretty dope), read books about it’s strange abstract nature and have definitely done a great deal of mental masturbation about this topic.

I think it’s something that you can and should learn how to do, and the way I do it has made me and some of my clients a shit ton of money.

Though we’ll talk about it in the context of emails, it’s really a formula that can be applied in just about any context:

Blog posts


Social Media posts

Advertorials, etc.

Would you like me to teach you how I do it?

Would you like to learn my formula for sideways selling?

What will it do for you?

It will teach you how to presell anything, while simultaneously selling and training your customers to do what you’d like them to do over time.

It will give you an easy goto template you can use that does not feel templated AT ALL, and, in fact, will give you endless ideas for unique content in each and every individual piece.

The more of these blocks you string together, the more continuity based and thematically sequenced these things are, the more powerful and better outcome you can expect.

The blocks all fit and dove tail together, however you like.

Forwards, backwards, out of's all good.

You can use it as a service for others, or use it for your own agenda.

It’s useful and could potentially put a lot of money in your pockets, like it has for me, but only if you put it to use.

Want me to teach it to you?

Tell me and I’ll tell you a few instant ways you can profit with this skill (totally free of course).

Let me know you’re interested in the comments below and I’ll just give you the list and maybe make a quick video about it.



P.S. I can think of more than this, but seriously, if you’ve got the chops, this list is more than you’ll ever need to find folks willing to give you money for using the skill I want to teach you on the 24th.

If you’re interested...join the group

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And comment on this same post there (and yes, I’ll send you the link to the file and video).
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