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Blockly: Digital Tinkertoys - Drag 'n drop, then export to JavaScript, Dart, Python, or XML.
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I haven't tried this yet but it recenty came on my radar. Have you tried it Marc?
Heard it mentioned on this week's #ThisWeekInGoogle show and thought of you, Jason. So had to re-share when it came up here on G+! Look forward to your feedback if you do decide to play with it.
Thanks!  I head about it on Jupiter Broadcasting's new Coder Radio podcast.  Did you know that Gina Trapani (The First Lady of Lifehacking) has a new podcast?
'welcome, Jason. Would you please post full, direct links to Coder Radio podcast, and to Gina's new one? I catch her on #TWiG semi-irregularly and, frankly, tend to listen to the show in the background, so miss a lot when I do listen. Lots of low S/N ratio chatter, reminiscent of #MonkeyMind . Anyway:
Bottom line is that this is the first I've heard of both podcasts. With a lot of strange security issues getting worse lately, even here on G+, direct links are much safer than shortened ones. Thanks!
Ah, sorry, just noticed that the 5x5 link is full and direct :-| Have one for Coder Radio?
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