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Gary Hasch
I like tech stuff,astronomy , archaeology
I like tech stuff,astronomy , archaeology

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Hi ,I have just got my g3 ,I am wondering if someone can help me, I want to change the lock screen clock either its color or a new one any help will be appreciated

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He died penniles and homeless, from a fever contracted from sleeping in the ruins of his burnt out home, but his music has now left the solar system.

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Blind Willie Johnson - John the Revelator:
Such a classic

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#Rocktober: Led Zeppelin
A fantastic version of a song based on the Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927 and written by Memphis Minnie that same year. (Robert had her record in his collection among many other blues artists.) When you learn a little about the horrible history behind it, it's really very sad song, but yeah, that's another foundation of the #Blues .

Goin' down... goin' down now...


#RRHK   #LedZeppelin   #ZoSo   #PEaceLoveMusic  

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so the rest of the world was right
Suburban Australia

Can this get any more Australian?

This could be any street in #Australia . Gorgeous blue skies overlooking the Nissan Pathfinder (or is it a Toyota Hilux?) in the driveway and the Holden Ute sitting by the roadside - all the while, two male kangaroos battle it out in a no holds barred deathmatch. 

From what I've found out it was filmed on the Central Coast of NSW, and is just another day in suburban Australian life

#AboutAustralia  -
#australia   #aussie   #straya   #downunder  

Source: +9 News 
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The farthest star that we can see under the best of conditions is probably about 4000 light years away, though we can, of course, see collections of stars much farther away, such as the Andromeda galaxy. The pic should read "within the yellow circle," as the circle is the boundary of stars we can see with the naked eye. 

Our Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light years across; and since we are about half way out from the center (the sun is in the center of the yellow circle), we're 25,000 light years from both the center and edge of our galaxy. The sun revolves around that bright oval center of the galaxy just as the Earth revolves around the sun, except that one galactic year lasts over 222 million Earth years. This means that while the sun is 4.6 billion Earth years old, in galactic years it's only 20 years old, and it will probably die in its early 40's.

#space   #astronomy  

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How far have Humankind's First Radio-signals traveled.
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