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WTF Bethesda! Steam for Skyrim? Are you insane. It's not even an online bloody game. But wait there's more, if you bought Skyrim for PS3 it also uses Steam. Way to think of countries with slow internet speeds and incredibly high data costs, you stupid bastards. #fucksteam
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Really? So if you didn't buy through Steam you still need to have Steam installed?!
Correct. And enjoy your 5gig patch which must be installed before steam will LET you play your game
Hey, don't blame Steam for Bethesda's choice. Steam is an awesome game distro platform, and does what it does exceedingly well. #fuckbethesda would be a better tag methinks.
No it wouldnt as it is steam that requires you to be connected to their servers in order to install your games and steam which refuses to let you play your games if there is an update available, regardless of whether you want it. In fairness to the hashtag, there probably should have been one for each of them. In my experience the only thing steam does exceedingly well is delay my ability to play the games I have legitimately bought. It's sad when it's easier to pirate games then play them legitimately.

I had to wait for my game to patch, while other guys were playing their illegal copies -_-
thets why I got skyrim on xbox, no steam there ;p
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