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Teacher, Artist, Philosopher, Activist
Teacher, Artist, Philosopher, Activist

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Anyone in the Belfast Maine area should check this presentation out!  It's very similar to the one I was doing at the Palermo Library a couple of years ago!  I'm hoping to go if I can get a ride back to Palermo afterwards...

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I've finally published one of my art/education/philosophy projects in book form, for kids (but really everyone might like it!), and this seems to be a good venue for offering it.  I've got a free PDF (print quality) as well as a regular paperback version you can buy, too.  I'd love to get reviews of it, especially if any of you have kids!

Temporarily checking in again, from a borrowed computer...

I'm looking for a home and workspace again!  My goal is to find a space where artists and scientists and others can live and work for the betterment of a community and the world.  Sort of an artist and scientist in residence community center.  I'm thinking of calling these spaces "CREATE Spaces" for "Community Resource Exchange - Art, Technology, and Education" Space.

Anyone know of a community, individual, or group who might have a farm or school or some other larger building that could function as a live-work space that they'd want to donate to a non-profit educational program?  New England would be great, but I'm open to pretty much anywhere in the world where I'm welcome (legally. :-).

OR, temporarily, if anyone knows of somewhere in Maine or Massachusetts that I could live freely in exchange for doing art and science based education?  I really need to find a place to live soon, so I'm not forced to be homeless again. :-)  Also, there's an awesome cat I'm taking care of as well, now, who also needs a place to live, ideally with me, because we're best buddies now.

I'm borrowing another computer so I can put out a call for a place to crash in the Somerville, Mass area on Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26 at least, because I need to go to a court arraignment on Tuesday morning and I'm not sure I can get into the shelter because I won't be able to get there before 4pm (the pick up time).  Anyone have a spare couch or no someone cool who does in the area next week?  If so email me!  Thanks!  Also, a kids book is coming very, very soon, by little old me!  I'll borrow another computer that Google+ "approves" of when it's ready for purchase, or free download.

+Andrew Revkin is speaking about the Knowosphere at MIT during the Cambridge Science Festival (sigh, I hate not being able to go...) His idea of a global mind as a kind of matchmaking system on the internet for gaining knowledge is just want my is designed to be. Imagine how awesome thing kind of thing will become once a few big names and a couple of coding geeks get involved...

The only policies that are healthy are ones that everyone agrees on. Not "most" but "everyone. Therefor democracy is sick. As is any top-down, authoritarian approach to governance.

But, you say, what else is there? Democracy is the best we've got! That might have been true before, but now there is something better. Truly healthy. Truly agreeable by everyone, even those who don't know about it! :-)

It's the Human Prime Directive, with the internet and other communication formats serving as the nervous system, and government organizing tool, for a government that is entirely positive - using ONLY voluntarily offered resources to serve only the needs of individuals, as defined by the individuals themselves, in the way the individuals want. And it's totally doable, and easy to understand, even for little human kids! The basic idea is for everyone who wants public help to share their priorities of what they want and want to get rid of (inputs and outputs), categorized as inputs of food, water, air, warmth, light, and outputs of solids, liquids, gases, and energy, publicly. Just having this part of the process will allow a huge positive benefit for the healing of the system. And then add the more complex forms of sharing ideas about how to move resources around effectively, between two individuals, amongst a group of individuals sharing some similar goals, and amongst everyone with a database of all the best solutions people have come up with for getting needs met with specific resources. This is the first, second, third, and fourth person awareness process, and it might seem a bit eccentric at first, but once you understand the basics, it's super simple, and obviously ideal as a way to govern the world in a healthy way that everyone can support.

I've also made a web page with some of the basics and diagrams. It's not the best web page ever, but it's what's available right now. Hopefully when I get feedback and some help, it will get clearer and more fun!

The universe might well be an infinity symbol (in 4D, which is more like a torus, but stick with the infinity symbol for now).

With this symmetry, this means that one side of the universe runs "backwards" in time, compared to the other side. Each side, therefor, would itself be the output of the other one. Our side would be puked out, perfect and beautiful, by the other side, and their side would be pooped out, perfect and beautiful, and exactly the opposite of us, by our side.

We are each others' creators.


Free will is actually the lack of awareness of most information: not knowing what has happened beyond the very, very, very recent state of things just previous to one's actions.

In other words, when you limit awareness to just a short period of time, it looks like the causal factors of what happens is limited to the edge of awareness.

It's like looking through a hole at a cat walking by and declaring that the head caused the tail to happen. While the reality is that all of reality is and always is, and it its own cause.

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This is why we need to change our government. Now. To one which serves people's needs, so that they can be their best, rather than their worst. And the way we change our government now is a DIY approach. Every single day, spend a little more of your resources on improving your own quality of the basic needs -nutritious food, clean water, fresh air, comfortable warmth, inspiring sunlight, and outlets for re/using your body's excess matter and energy. This automatically makes the world a better place, and by default removes some of your investment in the corrupt, sick, and anti-social system that kills intelligent women and their children. We can do this. We can change the world into a place where all life is flourishing and each of us is able to be as awesome as possible. We really can, and it's pretty easy to do, once we choose to focus on increasing the quality of our basic needs a little bit more every day.

Thanks to a video link yesterday by my pal Drew (Thanks Drew!), which I got bored by and wandered over to something shinier, I found this rather fluffy meditation on a possibly vision of a better future, which, near the end, talked about the Earth's evolution/development. They said that the wavelength/vibration of the Earth (the Schumann resonance - the effect of the Earth and it's atmosphere acting like a capacitor, which was discovered by some German dude in the 50's, and studied mostly by the military in the US, so it's definitely legitimate) is changing rapidly these days, and it's been moving through the Fibonacci sequence. Yep, that's the same sequence I've found that humans move through in our developmental process. This isn't surprising to me at all, I'd just never heard of it before (the Fibonacci part anyway). Wild!

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