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Added photos to Guest Speaker: Eric Swartz - Elecraft.

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W6CMU Antenna Building Workshop will occur Friday Feb 21st, at 6:00 pm. The workshop will last an hour and a half or more depending on the number of people participating and the availability of the workshop instructors.

The goal of the workshop will be to build a directional Yagi-Uda antenna from PVC pipe and sections of metal measuring tape. 
Materials for the Antenna Kit will be provided at the workshop.  The participation fee per person is $20, we are trying to get sponsors for this activity - if a sponsor is located the participation fee may be waived, but until we have confirmation of sponsorship you are requested to come prepared with cash to pay the $20 fee.

Pizza and beverages will be served at the venue and the senior members of the group will be helping out with the workshop as well as answering questions as we go.
Please don't forget to bring your radios if you are interested in testing your antenna.
Following the workshop, on the next day there will be a Fox-Hunt organized by CMU's W6CMU group where you can test the antennas you build using Antenna Analyzers available in the CMU lab along with other equipment.
Please feel free to invite other Amateur Radio Operators that you feel would be interested in this workshop and joining the club. We would appreciate early RSVP (before Feb 14th) in order to make sure we have enough kit materials for all the participants.
More information about the club is available here:
Please feel free to send us your questions or concerns.
Rishik Dhar (KK6HAO)
Secretary-Treasurer, W6CMU

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Added photos to General Assembly Meeting.

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Inauguration of the new Executive Committee and first general assembly.
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The newly elected executive committee will be calling for a General Assembly (Proposed time Dec 9th 2013, 7:00 pm) to set out a road-map and identify future event possibilities:
- To raise awareness about the club,
- Invite and Involve industry leaders
- Find sponsorship for club activities
- Pioneer wireless innovation activities.
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