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Making activism accessible
Making activism accessible


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A warm invitation to all medical students and healthcare professionals to watch the online video discussion “Let’s talk about Ebola” as part of the ‘Kick Ebola Out!’ campaign in Africa On Wednesday, 20 August 2014 at 17:00 GMT - 18:30 GMT as a Google Hangout, streamed live via YouTube 
The discussion will be presented by a panel of 10 medical students from across Africa sharing their personal experiences with Ebola. 

The panel consists of members from medical student associations that include: Sierra Leone, South Africa, Guinea, Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

They will discuss and answer questions about how Ebola has impacted their lives in the healthcare profession, with highlights including:

Struggles faced by the medical students and citizens of the affected countries. Professional challenges and risks for healthcare students in providing adequate and effective care. Responsibilities of medical students in dangerous environments. Supportive measures that can/should be taken by the international community to aid the affected countries.

All viewers may join and leave the session at any point. The discussion will be recorded on YouTube, so viewers may watch it later when they want to. 

IF you are watching the live event on Wednesday, 20 August 2014 at 17:00 GMT, Then YOU, as a viewer, may submit questions to the panel - the most popular questions, as voted by fellow viewers, will be answered by the panel.

To submit or vote on a question -> click on the 'Q&A' banner that will be visible in the bottom left corner of the screen while the discussion is live streaming. 


Ebola is a haemorrhagic viral disease currently spreading across Africa. 

As future healthcare professionals, we have a responsibility to actively promote health awareness at as many levels as possible. 

Like and follow Sierra Leone’s Medical Students’ Association and Association des etudiantes en medicine de Guinee’s ‘Kick Ebola Out’ Campaign Facebook Page:
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