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Rogue: Beyond The Shadows v1.3.2

New update is now live!

• Habringdour and New Silverdour are now safe zones for almost all enemies. Excluding Golden Knights, bosses and enemies with quests.
• Improved MOGA controller:
+ Hide on-screen action buttons when MOGA is connected
+ Binded additional MOGA keys
+ Improved character speed on MOGA joystick
+ Show different keymapping for MOGA Pro and MOGA Pocket

Update available on Google Play:

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New Rogue: Beyond The Shadows update 1.3. 

The audio experience to the next level.

Dolby® Digital Plus: introducing a new level of intensity and realism. Powerful, immersive and captivating audio experience (requires a device compatible with Dolby® Digital Plus).
+ Volume Leveling: maintains constant volume across all content.
+ Surround Virtualizer: creates a surround sound experience.
+ Audio Optimizer: gives you natural and louder, distortion-free sound.
+ Dolby Digital Pass-Through: allows direct home theater connections for a full multichannel experience.
+ No configuration required: if your device supports Dolby® Digital Plus all these features will be activated automatically when you play the game.

New Sound Settings menu:
+ Music volume
+ Effects volume
+ Voice volume
+ Reset to default values

New update available on Google Play:

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Rogue: Beyond The Shadows new update 1.2 available on Google Play:

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Beta-testing the undead knight, the dark side will be stronger than ever, a new enemy will appear on next update 1.2 of Rogue: Beyond The Shadows.

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It happened! Everland got featured on Google Play on several countries!

This couldn't happen without your support, so I want to say: THANK YOU.

Thank you to every one who supported my project and for trust on my product. This really encourages me to keep developing more Android games and I hope you like it my next game as much or more than this one.

For this reason I prepared a new Everland update (version 1.4.4) with several improvements:

- Improved graphics: better mobile shaders.
- Hi-res textures: several changes on texture quality to 1024x1024. Total texture size was increased 30 MB.
- Improved physics: frequently physics calculations was increased, which provides more accurate physics precision.
- Optimized memory consumption: memory for levels was heavily optimized so you get even better performance in overall and fix some memory crashes on low-end Android devices.

Aside this update, I'm on the final phase of my next game, I can't say a concrete release date yet, will be released when it's completely done, no rush, it's a matter of months to be released on Google Play. 

Keep in touch, followers will be the first to see and play my next game.

Thank you!

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Halloween massacre!! Get Everland unleash the magic with 75% OFF !!

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New Everland version 1.4.3 with MOGA support (MOGA Pro & MOGA Pocket) now live on Google Play!


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