Please share your valuable thoughts on PrimeFaces3.4.2, JSF 2.1 dataTable with filter,edit,delete row. Any best datatable with sample app please?

I am using the (

Please share your valuable experience in  developing Java CRUD webapp development with JSF 2.1, JPA, EJB 3.1, My-SQL.

We tried with PrimeFaces dataTable with filter rows by column, add,edit,delete. Click on edit button and show the record in modal pop-up window. It works good some times.

I understand from the "forum.primefaces" that the attribute process='@this' does not allow submit the values from the dialogue.  But without this the values are not getting populated in the dialogue.

I like PrimeFaces because it comes with single dependency light weight jar.  The documentation not good enough but the Primefaces_users_guide ver 3_4  is helpful to some extent to understand the attributes, etc.

One of the main issue we encounter is how to update the record in dataTable and in back end database after click on save/submit button on modal pop-up, after that the row alone should refreshed after successfully updating in the back-end database.

We are developing a CRUD java web application based on PrimeFaces show case and NetBeans JSF2.0 CRUD example

I tried with RichFaces livedemos/samples but could not succeed and I felt it is more cumbersome. In-fact I like the modal pop-up and appearance of UI controls in RichFaces. I do not want to use other IDEs except Netbeans, Eclipse.  I do not want to use Jboss forge, seam at this moment.

I would appreciate and thankful if some one provides a best CRUD dataTable with sample java webapplication.

Thank you. <Sree Ramakrishna>
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