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Shane Brady

I'm going to try HIIT this week. Really curious to see how it feels to do.

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Today I decided to cleanup my dev environment. I have a really powerful workstation so I decided to bring my Couchbase and MySql servers onto my main workstation inside of a VM. I downloaded an Ubuntu image, setup my VMWare, and started to work on my app, which needed to connect to Couchbase.

Except it couldn't connect to my virtual instance. I really don't know why.

But this is -2016- 2017, and it's the era of containers. So I d/l'ed a couchbase docker image, connected a directory inside of the running image to a local directory, and was connecting to my Docker based Couchbase server in a matter of minutes.

Did a little bit of searching and found a good looking GUI to manage my containers (, though I needed the guide from here (, and boom, all done.

I have an easy to manage Couchbase server, a great way to manage my dockers, and only a single directory to manage to share my Couchbase data with other machines.


I finally finished the main quests for Dragon Age Inquisition. Fantastic game. Looking forward to the Trespasser DLC.

A good pair of portable and comfortable headphones really can be life changing

"If you wish to improve, be content to appear clueless or stupid in extraneous matters, -- don't wish to seem knowledgeable. And if some regard you as important, distrust yourself."

-- Epictetus, Enchiridion, 13a

This might also be known an as JOMO - Joy Of Missing Out


I started to work on refactoring some old Java code. I got it cleaned up and down tot the bones, and yet, still, maven packaging takes forever. I thought to myself, I'd rather just rewrite this all in Go.

So that's what I'm doing. All Go All the Time.


New project I started the other day is a really crazy thing to be working on but the possible end result is too tempting.

I'm working on something that is a little crazy...I'll probably need some help in the future, but for now, it's just me and my crazy idea.


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I think I might set aside some time to work on this myself

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