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Andy Hauge
A storyteller at heart and RPG blogger.
A storyteller at heart and RPG blogger.
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Ewen is pretty cool, and does neat things. Check it.
I'm participating in the sale on DriveThruRPG, which means you can get most of my games (and those of countless other participating publishers) in PDF at a discount, so maybe check it out if you're into that kind of thing.

Kagegami High (which is basically anime schoolgirl Night Vale) is easily my most ambitious self-published game. I also have a definite fondness for Melancholy Kaiju, which is in fact about giant monsters who feel kinda sad.
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Just finished Abaddon's Gate. Wow. This series just keeps on giving.

Also, Amos.
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Really cool blog I found out about. Fellow with a night shift job that lets him do personal stuff on the job (he's just there to be on call) starts an effort to play through his entire Steam catalog, 20 hours per game.

And then he writes reflective blog posts on it. It's really good.
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So, super late to the party here, but I saw Anohana for the first time a couple weeks back, and it's now officially part of my mental image when I think of GSS-style stories. It honestly reminds me a lot of the "henge gather to help an old man deal with the loss of his friend" scenario I wrote up for a convention a few years back.

(It's also a great example of how a ghost henge story might work!)

Finally got ahold of the Expanse books. Barely a few chapters into Leviathan Wakes, and the difference is striking. There's the same content that I remember seeing in the show, but it's much fuller, at least to me. Maybe it's just that the show didn't do a good job of showing off the subtext of a lot of scenes (which gets portrayed better in the book)?

It's also interesting to see certain scenes that the show chose to use to highlight, like Paj's injury (which was used to great effect as a stark, shocking atmospheric scene in the show, but gets relegated to background detail in the book) or the zero-g full nudity sex scene that the show uses to introduce Holden and Ade, which it spun out of Ade's introductory scene in the book (seemingly partially out of a desire to HBO it up).

So far, so good. Also, I remember Belter patois being delightfully colorful, but the brief sample in the books so far seems even moreso, and I'm wondering if I'm remembering that rightly.
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Saw Colossal tonight; I'd seen the trailer then forgot about it. Interesting film, good character work wrapped in some subtle social commentary about power fantasies. Cool use of sci-fi to externalize internal character issues.

Anne Hathaway is great, too.
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Just a little longer...
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+Bret Gillan wants gaming updates, so update I shall!

Subterfuge: well, I have a smartphone now, and I'd heard about this app a while back. Very cool Diplomacy-like game. I plowed through all but the last two puzzles, although some took a lot of thinking to get through. I'm now playing in a full-on PvP game. Not doing great, but I'm learning still!

A Dark Room: continuing the mobile trend, I picked this game back up. Last time I played, it was the browser version, maybe 3 years ago? I love the way that this game slowly builds and transforms, and I finally started getting further than before. The slow, ominous drip of theme is delightful, and actually managed to give me a feeling of dramatic guilt at one point.

Militia: also on mobile, seems like a funky Chess-ish game. Was a little confusing--the game isn't always clear with instructions, like how the Wizard teleports people. Still, cool little puzzle game, dunno that it clicks enough with me to make me want to play it regularly. Almost finished the "Light World" tutorials.

Eternal: gave this card game a shot. I'm determined to finish the tutorial campaign, but wow I forgot just how bad mana screw feels. Had to restart some of the tutorial battles when I got a streak of mana in my hand and nothing to play with it, giving my opponent a massive lead. Topdeck screw is awful, to me, because you don't get to make decisions. (Also, relic weapons seem overly strong if you're not able to bring pressure to bear--they can just deal free face damage every turn.)

Hearthstone: I think I tried beating the Lich King? Finally got him with a Murloc Shaman doohickey. So there's my free pack. Also played some arena, had a few tight matches with my Mage run, now 6-2.

Heroes of the Storm: played around in the PTR, since Kel'thuzad is previewed there, along with some other hero changes. Kel'thuzad has a cool kit, and he's also hard to play because he's combo city burst--and I don't have his combo down well.
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