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Tarot Reader and Founder- The Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers
Tarot Reader and Founder- The Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers

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"Love is constant and never dies, for you the soul carries it within from one body to another basking in its bliss "

Vedic astrology has comprehensively established the concept of 'karma' and 're-birth'. It is now open knowledge that 'soul' is the essence of a human being and this intelligent consciousness is non-destructible, eternal and alive. Thousands of people from around the globe who have experienced 'out of body' instances are unanimous in stating that the 'soul' retains its memory, emotions and all earthlike feelings after death. 'Love' is the most significant carry-forward emotion and the soul's prime motive is to complete the circle and re-unite with the 'mate'. 'Heaven on Earth' is more to do with pleasures of the heart; than that of the body. The 'love destiny' is clearly etched in a horoscope like all other aspects of life.Wealthy are those who find sincere 'love' and this love is actually a great asset in the journey towards 'self enlightenment'. However a soul must first learn to distinguish between 'lust' & 'love' and honor the latter to be rewarded with its 'joy'. In many a cases, the soul in its earthly stint/s gets addicted to the stimulating 'rush' associated with falling in love and so desires this experience time and again, leading to multiple relationships and consequent heart aches. In the 'karmic law', an emotional 'sin' is at par with that of a 'physical sin' and the ill-results manifest in very undesirable ways like 'unlucky in love', no marriage, bad marriage and so on. On the other hand, souls who become 'realized' develop self control over their animalistic cravings and yearn for pure 'union' are blessed by the 'Cosmic Forces of Love with highly fulfilling relationships, marital bliss and all associated joys. The disposition of planets in a horoscope portray the 'love destiny' of a person in terms of marriage, intense relationship and companionship. The planetary periods and transits in a horoscope tell us about the timing of a 'love event'.

In judging the affairs of marriage and love, 'Venus' plays a pivotal role in a horoscope, for he/she is the natural significator of husband/wife. In astrology the '7th House' denotes relationships/marriage. In the natural zodiac Venus is the lord of 'Libra', which is the seventh sign in the hierarchy. As a general rule, the lord of the seventh house should not accupy the 6th and the 8th houses in a horoscope to assure marital happiness. Again if the '7th house' is sandwiched between two malefic planets, then the marriage proves burden-some and miserable. A well disposed Venus and its associated 'houses' denotes plenty of romance-love, good fortune and enjoyment of the fruits of marriage. In the horoscope of a female the '8th House' also becomes important as it indicates issues such as multiple marriages, divorce and the 'charm' factor. #love #relationship #horoscope #astrology #lovereading #romancehoroscope #dating

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#VedicAstrology If you are unsure of your 'Birth Time' or 'Clueless' , then you need Horary Astrology which is based on, the 'Time' at which the 'Question' is asked . This service is recommended for asking a 'single / two questions' and is highly accurate with 98% accuracy. This is an appropriate service for seeking answers /solution to an immediate specific problem, life situation or dilemma. A Vedic Birth Chart / Map of the Heavens is prepared according to the 'Time of the Question Asked' and the answer is 'revealed'.

Experience the power of Horary Indian Astrology at #horary #astrology #bestastrologysites #horoscope #futurepredictions

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You would agree that Human Being is the most complex bundle of energy created by God. If you think that you know your mate well enough over a few days/months of courtship sorry you couldn't have got it more wrong. Even a lifetime is inadequate to size up the twin miracles called 'Man & Woman' and in any case we mere mortals are incapable of doing so (many of us have realized this fact the hard way). Only the divine has the clue, so please welcome Vedic Astrology to do all the spade work for you. Get a horoscope matching conducted for your partner and you to test your compatibility levels. This is one of the finest gifts of Indian astrology.

Horoscope matching based on Vedic astrology is undoubtedly the most comprehensive compatibility document possible. This Indian horoscope reading is based on a total point system of 36 points, whereby a minimum of 18 points are required by the couple to establish a workable compatibility. Points below 18 more or less indicate a stressful marriage or relationship. Points above 25 signify 'good' compatibility and a subsequent happy marriage. The 'Big Test' is conducted on parameters of CAREER, DESTINY, PROGENY, HEALTH, WEALTH, LIFE LONGEVITY, NATURE, AND GOOD FORTUNE. This helps us assess the mental, physical and psychological compatibility of the Groom and Bride.

The higher the score , greater is the magnetic alchemy in the relationship.

The main focus of this astrology reading is also on the harmony between the natal Moons of the two concerned individuals. This reflects the emotional and psychological stability and ability to create a nurturing home environment which forms the basis of a happy marriage. There are mainly eight factors to assess the compatibility which are mentioned below:

* Spiritual and Mental Compatibility
* Power compatibility
* Birth Star Compatibility
* Sexual compatibility
* Planetary Harmony indicating psychological compatibility
* Natural Compatibility and conjugal harmony
* Moon sign compatibility
* Genetic Compatibility

Get your 'Love Compatibility Horoscope' at #astrology #love #compatibility #horoscope #marriage
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Life is a constant learning school and the planetary placements at the time of your birth reveal your current 'standing' in the cycle of evolution. This amazing Vedic astrology report deciphers the cosmic messages spoken only for you through your 'Birth Chart'. Destiny is 'pre framed' but not 'pre written'....and hence 'you' yourself are the author. Faster a man learns (wisdom)...quicker his misfortunes 'dissolve'. The report talks on your Personality, Career, Health, Relationships, Finances, Life Longevity, Remedial measures and more.

Get your 'Personal Astrology Report' at #astrology #horoscope #soothsayers-india #astrologer

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Each individual is in a process of evolution and in the process has to go through the grind of countless births & rebirths to learn vital lessons and attain perfection. Millions fail and fall down the ladder regularly owing to Karmic blunders and lack of wisdom. In a horoscope the planetary afflictions indicate the dark, weak and shallow aspects of an individuals life, which become the cause of misery, failure and hindrance and overall progress. The human body and soul are an integral part of the cosmic setup and as such are recipients of constant energy (life force). Negative planetary influences manifest as per an individuals cosmic portfolio (karmic debt) to cause interruption in the smooth passage of life energy. Ancient Vedic seers through their divine knowledge revealed various remedial measures to propitiate the cosmic forces/planetary cabinet for the benefit of humanity; the primary being Tantra, Vedanta, Gem Therapy and Ayurveda. The healing powers of gemstone are high held in high esteem in the astrological and spiritual fraternity due to its practical and easy implementation. As we know matter is condensed energy. The seers found the colors of the planets and the gems, which inherit those colors. They also found that wearing the appropriate gem helps to enhance the power of a Good planet and reduce the malfeasance of bad ones.

Accomplished astrologers are able to decode the cosmic language spoken through a Natal Indian Horoscope and accurately pinpoint that magic gemstone/s needed to eradicate the planetary deficiencies and actualize/activate the true potential of the individual and his destiny.


Note: It must be noted that Gemstone Therapy should be undertaken only after consulting a qualified astrologer. #gemstone #astrology #therapy #remedies
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1) If the lord of the ascendant is in 10th House the native will be richer than his parents.

2) The same will apply if 10th lord is in the ascendant

3) If Jupiter is placed in 9 or 11th and Sun in the 5th the native becomes rich

4) Mutual exchange of Houses of 2nd and the 9th lord (except Saturn) makes a person rich.

5) Sun in 6th or 11th the person becomes rich. Particularly so when Sun is in Rahu star and Rahu in Sun's Star.

6) 2nd lord in 8th a person becomes rich by self-efforts.

7) If Moon and Jupiter or Moon and Venus be in 5th the person becomes rich

8) If Mercury happens to be in Aries or Cancer the person becomes rich.

9) If 7th house has Mars or Saturn and 11th house has any planet other than Ketu the person will earn huge wealth by doing business. If Ketu is in the 11th he will earn through foreign agency

10) If the 7th house has either Mars or Saturn and the 11100th house has Saturn or mars or Rahu the person earns wealth by sports, Gambling, Commissions, rent lawyer's fees etc

11) Mars in 4th Sun in 5th Or Jupiter in 11th or 5th, earning will be through ancestral properties, crops, or building, which will increase.

12) Saturn in 4th identical with Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius the native will earn through Numbers ( accountants, statisticians, mathematician etc)

13) If Mars, Jupiter and Moon join Cancer for a cancer native he becomes very rich through employment resource and divine grace.

14) If Rahu, Saturn, or Mars or Sun in the 11th the native becomes rich gradually.

15) If quadrant or trinal houses are occupied by Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mercury or houses 3, 6, 11 by Sun, Rahu, Mars, Saturn the native will become exceedingly rich during dasas of Rahu/mercury/Saturn /Venus.

16) If all Kendras are occupied by planets OR All trines are occupied by benefics OR All "oopachayas" (3,6, 11) occupied by Malefic The native becomes exceedingly rich

17) Benefic planets or 10th lord in Taurus or Libra and Venus or lord of 7th in 10th the native will become rich by marriage or through wife's earnings.

18) JUPITER IN CANCER , Sagittarius, or Pisces, and 5th lord in 10th the person becomes rich through son/daughter.

18) Mercury + Jupiter + Venus in any house, earning by religious means (purohit, Pundit, Astrologer, Preacher, Head of religious institutions etc).

19) Mercury +Venus + Saturn in any House, the person will earn by business leadership

20). Jupiter in 10/11 and Sun/Mercury in 4/5 or vice versa, native becomes rich by Good administrative manipulations

21) Lords of 6,8,12 join 6, 8, or 12 or 11th the native becomes suddenly rich

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