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Davor “horza” Grubisa
just an ordinary server gnome
just an ordinary server gnome

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Following up on my Joomla rudimentary server push plugin, here's a little #POC I wrote for #nginx. It automatically adds http Link header, thus making browsers #preload resources or pushes them if the server supports #http2 #ServerPush technology.
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My 2nd favorite googler was here ?!?
A memorable trip to Croatia.. what a beautiful country!

The Plitvice Lakes National Park has postcard views around every corner -- like the one I snapped in this photo. This was one of our favorite stops while exploring Croatia.
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It is alive. My first +Joomla! plugin ever.
Also, as far as I know the first #Joomla #plugin to implement any #http/2 specific features, namely #ServerPush .

While it's pending review at Joomla extensions directory, you can grab it from Note: You need #http2 #server with server push features. I've only tested it with +CloudFlare

The plugin is available at, and it will be available in the Joomla Extension Directory as soon as it's approved:
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#nexus5 #upgrade to #android #6.0.1 resulted in incorrect battery readings.
Guess it's only for me because of all the dirty flashing. ooops. It affects absolutely all apps including the stock battery status. A wipe would probably help but I really don't want to set up everything from scratch
😸 Any ideas how to fix? I've already deleted the battery stats file but that didn't do anything other than wiping battery usage history.
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In case you missed the news... Let's Encrypt is in public beta! Setup guide: - hooray for free TLS certificates!

Christmas came early this year.
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Following 17 million km of test flights across jungles, mountains and plains, Project Loon has signed agreements with three mobile network operators - Indosat, Telkomsel and XL Axiata - to begin testing balloon-powered Internet over Indonesia in 2016. 

Currently, only about one in three of Indonesia’s 250 million residents is connected to the Internet. Stringing fiber networks or installing and maintaining mobile phone towers across the more than 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia is a significant challenge. Through balloon-to-balloon communication, Project Loon has the capability to transmit signal from areas that are connected to an Internet groundstation and bounce that signal across a constellation of balloons and back down to even the most remote islands. In flight testing, the Loon team has already been able to wirelessly transfer data between individual balloons floating over 100 km apart in the stratosphere, enabling local network operators to extend their Internet service into areas that are too difficult to reach with current technology.

The Indonesian tests will form part of the foundation for our longer term goal of providing a continuous ring of connectivity in partnership with mobile network operators around the globe and, hopefully, bringing the power of the Internet to millions of individuals, wherever they are, for the very first time. Wish us luck!
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Version 5.1.1 pushed to Alpha.
Right off the bat there's a bug in the "steps" version of the watchface. When there's more than 999 steps, the counter overlaps with icon. It's still readable, just looks silly. Will patch in the next version. Sorry :)

Welcome to Beta testing community. Feel free to report bugs and request features here.

Welcome to Alpha testing community. Feel free to report bugs and request features here.

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Finally comfortable with my AgendaMaster watchface.
Get it for free at PlayStore:
Sign up for testing:

- digital watch - tap to change colors, optimized for both dark and light environments
- agenda - next 4 items, tap to see full agenda
- weather forecast - tap for details, works best with InstaWeather. Get it from PlayStore
- heart rate - tap to measure the heart rate - functionality depends on your watch's sensor, optimized for Moto360
- battery indicators for both watch and phone
- sunrise and sundown
- multiple color schemes for both dark and light environments - will add more in the future
- ambient mode displays digital watch, optimized to prevent battery drain and screen burn-in
1) MANDATORY: Install WatchMaker
2) OPTIONAL: Get InstaWeather
3) Install this application
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