What happened at TEDxSummit? A bedtime story ...´╗┐
A Bed-time story about the TEDxSummit:

hey you
glad to hear the summit went well
I want to hear how it went...

Where do I start?

not sure how long I will last
but brain still buzzing
start anywhere!!!

Ok, I'll try and make it a bed-time story version


In a new country quite far away


700 superheroes were summoned


they came from all over the world, and were all different,
but somehow, they all shared the same spark in their eye
a will to share ideas, and share ideas about that too.
an urge to action, and a feeling to connect with one another
alone or in small groups, they arrived in the good old iron birds

I like this..

activities were organized,
and they went to the desert, to the sea, fishing, dune bashing, art-absorbing

sooo wonderful..

wondering, and most importantly: share stories and visions and dreams
when the final heroes trickled in, a huge welcome feast was prepared,
and local and global speakers took the first stage
they spoke about the countries future, that 50 year before was a poor desert, until the black gold and the power-gas was discovered
that made them rich beyond imagination
and they decided to build a city of 1000 towers
(200 are already built)
though their wealth has one major drawback: the sea is getting too salty due to their thirst for fresh water...
The heroes observed, thought about it, and listened to one of their major Rockstars "Hans"

a great brain that one

During the following days, they came together, spoke and listened, broke up in smaller groups to discuss and learn, regathered in museums and marketplaces

fun fun fun
(I am picturing you in costumes.)

(sending picture)
or partied in a bar where Reggie Watts outperformed any DJ
The next day, the 700 of us went to the desert, where the unconference part brought the X to an unparallelled level of inspiration.

amazing shot
love love love it

the sun burned, but our hearts and spirits burned harder. (assisted with the shisha, water and camels)

shisha and camels are a wicked mix

It became apparent that These group of 700 were getting a power to be reckoned with, and were affecting more people and countries than they realized
Up to a point where the founders of the movement admitted they lost control... more or less
(there were also falcons, henna tattoos, sweet tea and unburned coffee tastings)


The heroes of the first hour came together to discuss which skills they could ad, as they gained a level
The last day held a big finale, where the best of the genies were summoned on the stage: Juan Enriques, Cesar Harada, Rives, Activators, and many more... they shared their plans, actions and future visions for hours, after which there was more celebrating, as everybody felt more enlightened than before
In the days that followed, small groups and one by one, the heroes got into the iron birds to their own places, where their people were waiting to receive the words of wisdom and inspiration, eager to spread the fire that they had brought with them.
As they left, they felt more connected, more inspired and fueled. They all felt that in all their diversity, they did come closer together... even as their physical distance started to increase again.
The world truly is a fascinating place, and these 700 heroes surely want to make it a good place where ideas bloom and people flourish´╗┐
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