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Grimm is filming near my house. Huzzah!

It's gratifying to know that while people are talking about seeing The Avengers in 5 days, I got to see it 5 days ago myself. It won't disappoint you.

New Florence + the Machine album is really good!

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My Sunday. Kickin' it back old school while I deal with my cold.

Awesome part about teaching in Korea? They give you free alcohol at festivals.

RIP Steve Jobs.

Going to be teaching a math class to 4th. graders about numbers.
Anybody have any good number puzzles or games that I should/could use?
The more mind blowing and fun the better.

Things to know:
The students are Korean and their levels of English are.... well.... not so good.
It's a one time thing. So this isn't building into anything else.
It's simply a chance for them to learn math taught in English.
They are the smart kids in the school.
Straight A, know everything type kids that just "get it."

Food for thought.
So if the speed of light isn't the be all end all constant we have for our limits, then doesn't that mean that the 14.5 billion year wall we can't see past isn't worth anything anymore as far as determining the size of the universe?
Light is the new radiowave in physics?
This would also mean the universe isn't actually 14.5 billion years old.

Using the faster neutrinos speed from the results would give us roughly an extra 290,000 years. Not too much to balk at considering. But still makes us open up the whole discussion about how old the universe is.

The new FB stream is doing something funky. I make a post. A friend comments on said post. So then FB decides to put that in my stream as well.

Do really need a separate item in my news stream about the same thing?
Fancy algorithm my butt.

So I have something that looks like this:

Hey Your friend made a comment on your post
------Gregg's post
------------friend's comment

Somebody else's post

Somebody else's post

Gregg's post
------friend's comment

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Heading to the Bagdad Theater for
Loves me some science.

I also hear there is a good history of videogames exhibit at the actual OMSI building which I might check out as well.
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