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Writer, Speaker, Gadfly
Writer, Speaker, Gadfly

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I spoke for 35+ minutes, refuting Statist and Islamofascist apologist arguments, and as always, on the Constitutional ramifications. They used a couple quick sound bites that made me seem a bit... angry.

Ah, well, biased as coverage was, it was by far the best the Liberty movement has gotten from the MSM in, well, ever!

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My latest.  Chose an AP pic with Obama frowning, to show our effect on his Prog plans.
But I suppose him laughing in self-satisfied glee will probably pxss you off more!

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Thanks to all that step into the arena, in order that others may be saved.

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Anything others can do, AMERICA CAN DO BETTER!

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Get off your collective ASSES and WORK!

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My first international article:

Progressives policies have not only all but destroyed American Constitutionalism, but have also left us dangerously vulnerable in a world of devious dictators.

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Enjoy this Thanksgiving piece in my column, The Gathering Storm, in The Washington Times:

None fight so hard as those who value what they have.
Who are motivated by the need to survive.
The need to breathe free!
Thanks, Progs!
In your hubris an haste, you've woken the sleeping giant,
And reminded us of our taste for the savor of FREEDOM...

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My latest in The Washington Times.
Has this been happening to YOU?

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