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I just listened to your journey of Love bringing Fergus into the world, which made this blog entry even more meaningful than when I first read it. You are a very gifted storyteller/writer who's work I could listen to/read for hours! I really appreciate you for sharing your stories with us all!

Working as a Nurse for the last 32 years, I've watched as doctors have shifted from being partners in our healthcare to treating us like we must follow their advice or find another doc. Because if they don't do all the testing outlined by the AMA and the insurance companies, they fear malpractice charges. It's ridiculous!  I have a cement enema ready for all those "healthcare professionals" who suggested you should terminate because you did not agree with such risky testing.  You sound like you understood the risks & made a decision to accept whatever happened in order to meet your son. At that point, they should have kept quiet & continued to care for you. I'm so sorry you were treated so poorly. Enough back to commenting on your monolog.

When you spoke of the docs telling you about the baby's statistically large head & then really seeing  Mr.T's head size for the first time,  I almost wet myself!  Then as you talked about Fergus' birth and how you felt brought me to both tears and joy. You are such a masterful wordsmith, Lynn. As always, I look forward to more of your work.

Wishing Prosperity and long life for you, Mark & the Tweddle boys!
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