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Jet engine fired up and the van got caught in the exhaust.
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you can never know about the future until it happens
Suspecting fake video here based on how well the camera follows it. Though if it is fake, aside from the too perfect camera work, it was well done.
PS: Another sign it might be fake: The windshield blows off but is not immediately blasted away like the much heavier van is being blasted away.
ask to heart who was caught if it really happens with sum1 Dear.Stunning One
Amazes me how many people don't read the comments, even short lists of comments like this one, before commenting. Not only is it real, I provided the video link to it. But if you meant it's staged, then yes. It was a stunt.
Thanks For Making It The Best N Sure enough
M Bilal
jet ang have too power amazing !
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