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Hairstyles are the most famous and informative blog about all type of ladies fashions specially hair styles. We provide the tips by worlds top hair artist.
Hairstyles are the most famous and informative blog about all type of ladies fashions specially hair styles. We provide the tips by worlds top hair artist.


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How to deal with long hairs?
Braided hair styles:
Latest braided designs have become a fashion and are hard to neglect. It tells you how to tie your hair in many ways like normal three stranded braid, fish braid, five-stranded braid, knotted braid and much more.

You can hangout, you can play, you can dance, and you can work easily without missing a chance to look wonderful. Nowadays, we see girls are very impressed with the braided hair styles of frozen Elsa and Anna. Many people have given tutorials to help style your hairs just like Elsa. So, we can say that long braids are a trend alert these days.

It’s so exciting to try a new hairdo for every other day. You can play around with your hairs to make a nice bun. Bun gives a sober look to your personality. A simple low bun would look perfect for office while little messy bun would look perfect for a college party.

Even the Brides are usually seen to adorn their hairs in a bun to look beautiful. You can style your hair in a twisted bun, double bun, side braided bun, fabric bun, simple donut bun, layered bun and much more. Some of these are very easy to make and some are hard, yet look beautiful.

Open hairs hairstyles:
Moreover, you can also leave your hair open. You can straight them up or just put some curls or just give a bit of wave. The most common one is the backcombing of front or back hairs and give them volume. Heavy volume of you hairs gives your face a slimmer look and therefore, is suggested for the women with round and big faces.

In addition to this you can leave you hairs half braided and half open. A front braided band with rest of hairs open gives a very classy look for almost occasion.

New-Party Hairstyles-without-Makeup

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Graduation day has just arrived and you want some exciting hair style for your big day? Oh yeah! Here we are to help you. The day of graduation is important in student’s life as it gives a signal to graduate that he has closed one chapter of his life. It’s a season to be excited and nervous because graduation pictures last forever.

How to make Soft curls:

Start by sectioning your hair into four sections. Two at the top and two at the bottom. Be sure to start at bottom sections first. Use a bit of spray before actual curling part.
By using your flat iron start waving the hair back and forth creating a wave pattern. Continue doing this to next bottom section.
Now for the top section take you flat iron and curl a wave. Then in the end give your hair a nice spray. And you are done!
Graduation Cap Hairstyle

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Why haircuts are important?
A woman who cuts her hair is going to bring a change in her life. A good haircut can accessorize your personality and enhance your style. A good haircut makes you feel a lot better than you were before. It reveals the type of person we are. Who doesn’t want to look good? If you have a good haircut what else do you need? You should invest in your hair because hairs are crown you never take off.


What is in this year?
Hair cut upgrade your personality somewhat. If you got bored of your hair cut you definitely want a change of your hair style. But one thing which you might be thinking of is what is in fashion in year 2016. Here is a look on what is in this year.


We have seen many celebrities are going for bangs this year like Selena Gomez. The bangs are a perfect idea for both short and long hairs. It goes well with all lengths. If you have round or oval face then bangs are the best option for you. But the length of the hairs should be decided according to your face and texture of your hairs.


Texturized Lob:
Cut your hairs to shoulder length. So that, you can just give a little wave to your to give it a trendy look. You might have seen celebs like Emma Watson having style up her hairs like this.

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