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Falko “Volker” Richter

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I´m looking for a GPS tracker for my bike. Any product suggestions? #FollowerPower Power and space is not a problem

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Added photos to Android Stammtisch February 2016.

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Hey #androiddev

We tripped hard over a problem in #volley last week and I´m pretty sure this is a bug. What is your opinion on it? 

Should POST responses be cached and should a POST request be handled locally by a cached GET response?

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131 Photos - View album

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Dear +Google Play +Google Photos +Android 
I don´t even know who to mention here. I will stop harassing my good Google Friend +Benjamin Weiss as this is clearly not his responsibility, he tried to help as much as he can.

Google you have apps!
What a surprise! They are software, so they have bugs. I know this because I also write software. So when I find a bug and I want to send it to you, I go to the +Google Play Store listing and I use the email address to send feedback to you guys, with screenshots, with logs if neccesary... But well, is no-reply address:
Thank you for contacting Google.  Please note that this is a no-reply email address. See below for information on how to receive support for your issue.

Help and troubleshooting for Google products
Are you having trouble with your Google Account, Gmail, or another Google product? Browse our Help Center to find support for Google products.  
Privacy, security, and online safety
To report a safety or abuse issue affecting a Google product, go to and choose the appropriate product.

Google Policies & Principles
To find easy-to-understand information about our products, policies, and privacy principles, visit
The Google Play Store Team

So when I go to there is no section on the App I´m having trouble with.

What do you want me to do?

By the way:
The new photos app has NO chromecast support.
The Google Camera app procudes photos that are 144x176  in resolution on my OnePlusOne, even the preview of the image has more pixels. 

+Benjamin Weiss​ where Do I file a bug for the Photos App (missing chromecast integration) or the Google Camera app?

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You´re looking for a working travis CI configuration for
* a groovy Java 8 project
* Android projects, with tests and emulator runs
* Jekyll github pages generation

Look no further #softwareQuality
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