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Think fast: what's 9*13? 13*52? 13^3? 

Type math calculations into your omnibox and Chrome will return the answer. #chrometip

Protip – Copy this calculation into your omnibox to see what the result is: 1.2+(sqrt(1-(sqrt(x^2+y^2))^2) + 1 - x^2-y^2) * (sin (10000 * (x*3+y/5+7))+1/4) from -1.6 to 1.6

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Just did a 1.0.0 release of tailbone. Has a handy helper utility and is intended to be used as a submodule. Has the ability to restrict models and python hooks for modifying the behavior of the includes. And now has the ability to launch and load balance compute engine instances, which is very handy if you ever need a node.js servers on google cloud infrastructure.

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finally localhost urls working on mobile!
DevTools port forwarding allows localhost URLs to work on mobile

+Umar Hansa shares his new workflow:
1. Chrome to Phone my localhost URL from desktop
2. Remote Debug the mobile localhost page and enable port forwarding
3. Refresh and observe that no command line was needed!

Keep in mind that Port Forwarding is an experimental feature.

Chrome to phone:
ADB Extension:

Full size animation: (6.2mb)
See +Paul Irish's Google I/O video for more cutting edge devtools features:
Animated Photo

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Project loon is awesome!

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We just launched out latest project.
Last month, the Web Speech API brought voice recognition to Chrome users in more than 30 languages. The team thought it would be fun to demonstrate this new technology by using an old one: silent film.

In the latest Chrome Experiment Peanut Gallery, you can add intertitles to old silent film clips just by speaking aloud to Chrome, and then easily share your work with others (or in the comments right here). 

Give it a try, and bring out the inner screenwriter in you: 

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Post has attachment Neat site for kids!
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