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"Talking about the flaws of others is always an effective tactic for avoiding our own, and as a bonus in this case, we get to and re-live Cold War glory by doing it. The best part of all is that we get to punish another country for the Supreme Sin: defying the dictates of the US leader.

[Note how a country's human rights problems becomes of interest to the US political and media class only when that country defies the US: hence, all the now-forgotten focus on Ecuador's press freedom record when it granted asylum to Julian Assange and considered doing so for Edward Snowden, while the truly repressive and deeply US-supported Saudi regime barely rates a mention. Americans love to feign sudden concern over a country's human rights abuses as a tool for punishing that country for disobedience to imperial dictates and for being distracted from their own government's abuses: Russia grants asylum to Snowden --> Russia is terrible to gays! But maybe it's more constructive for US media figures and Americans generally to think about what's happening to their own country and the abuses of the own government, the one for which they bear responsibility and over which they can exercise actual influence.]" #google   #facebook   #apple   #microsoft   #siliconvalley   #Snowden   #Assange  
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Hans Inge Heien

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Mona Fimreite originally shared:
Google "do a barrel roll"
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Hans Inge Heien

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Dave Powell originally shared:
'Shibuya Flow'

Watch 1.5 hours in Tokyo in 2 minutes...turn up your speakers and enjoy!

from the photography blog
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Hans Inge Heien

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Gjør meg ingenting at Venstre nå er større enn FrP i Oslo
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Hans Inge Heien

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Jonas Helgemo originally shared:
Really handy chrome extension for displaying notifications from Google + in chrome.
Installing... Processing... Checking purchase status... Cancelling... Description. If you want to be aware of who are talking to you or mentioning you in their conversation on Google Plus, but don&#39...
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Hehe :) Google har da heldigvis ikke laget den selv...
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Hans Inge Heien

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One rule to rule them all and into geekness bind them

#tongueincheek  via GagBay.
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Dette handler sikkert om overivrig mobilbruk, men eg må desverre ha ordlista med meg for å forstå alle desse engelske orda.. 
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Hans Inge Heien

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Heftig :)
Guy Kawasaki originally shared:
(Thu12) You can't do this with iBooks or Kindle:
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