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Was doing some anticipatory refection in the run-up to the new Alien franchise member, Covenant. The canon posits that a Xenomorph acquires genetic characteristics of its host. Thus follows a query: what existent terrestrial creature would produce the scariest offspring when implanted by a face-hugger?

I'll venture a guess: A swan or turkey. They can fly, are sufficiently large, and are already vicious motherfuckers.

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Saw my first opera yesterday: Werther (as in die Leiden des jungen Werthers) . Handily exceeded all expectations I had. Only regret was the text not being in German but French (of which I basically only understood was "Vivat Bacchus").

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Normalized with a traditional per annum CPI inflation of 3 percent, and the per-year tuition figures become staggeringly incomprehensible.

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Interesting to see how overtly political the official Executive Branch comms have become. I wonder if the U.S. will regain its decorum or slip into a banana republic-like state.

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It's all about reciprocity. I support it — even though family and friends will be the ones most affected by it.

sich einigeln

Another little linguistic treasure.

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