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Fume Hoods In Stock
Fume Hoods In Stock Ready To Ship!
Fume Hoods In Stock Ready To Ship!
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Biological Safety Cabinet Fume Hood
Biological safety cabinet fume hood in stock ready to ship. Fitted with air flow sensors, raised arm rest, drain pan, and more.
The Most Certified Energy-Efficient, Safe, and Ergonomic Biosafety Cabinet in the World
• Powered by latest generation ECM motor MADE IN USA, that is more efficient than legacy ECM and VFD motors
• 70% Energy savings compared to AC motor
• Stable airflow, despite building voltage fluctuations & filter loading
• Night Setback mode to further reduce power consumption by 60%
ULPA Filter
• 10x Filtration efficiency of HEPA filter
• Creates ISO Class 3 work zone instead of industry-standard ISO Class 5
Class II Type A2 can be used to handle minute quantities of volatile toxic chemicals and trace amounts of radionucleotides when thimble ducted. Use this option if chemical vapor re-circulation into the work zone is permitted.
Class II Type B2 can be used to handle volatile toxic chemicals and radionucleotides because by default it's hard ducted. Use this option if chemical vapor re-circulation into the work zone is not permitted.
Microprocessor Controller
• Easy to understand and set up
• Displays all safety information on one screen
• Centered and angled down for easy reach and viewing
• Selectable QuickStart mode for fast operation
Air Flow Sensor
• Monitors real-time airflow for safety
• Alerts the user if airflow is insufficient
Single-Piece Work Tray
• Recessed to contain spillage
• Curved grill to prevent blockage
Raised Arm Rest
• Helps prevent grill blocking
• Comfortable working posture
Angled Drain Pan
• Easy to clean
• Does not harbor contaminants
Single-Piece Wall and Pan Construction
• Easy to clean
• Does not harbor contaminants
RS 232 and Zero Volt Relay Contact Interface
LabCulture Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet Fume Hood
The Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinet is the most common Class II cabinet. It is also the most common safety cabinet of all the different types available. It has a common plenum from which 30% of air is exhausted and 70% is recirculated to the work area as the downflow.
Per the newly released NSF/ANSI 47:2010 standards, Class II Type A2 BSCs must have the positively pressurized contaminated plenum to be surrounded by a zone of negative pressurization. This is in case there is a leakage on the positive plenum. The leaking aerosol will be pulled by the negative pressure back into the positive plenum, to insure capture and containment. In the A2 cabinet, about 70% of air from the positive plenum is recirculated as downflow and the remaining 30% is discharged to the lab through the exhaust filter.
Labculture Class II Type B2 Biological Safety Cabinet Fume Hood
The main difference between Type A2 and Type B2 cabinet is that Type B2 cabinets must be operated with an external blower which exhausts air to the external environment via a dedicated ductwork system. This cabinet is not self-balancing. Its own blower can only create down flow and the cabinet relies on an external blower to create flow in the discharge stream.
In the Class II Type B2 cabinet all inflow and downflow air is exhausted after HEPA filtration to the external environment without recirculation within the cabinet. Type B2 cabinets are suitable for work with toxic chemicals employed as an adjunct to microbiological processes. Under all circumstances since no recirculation occurs. In theory, Type B2 cabinets may be considered the safest of all Class II biological safety cabinets since the total exhaust feature acts as a fail-safe in the event that the down flow and/or exhaust HEPA filtration systems cease to function normally. However, Class II Type B2 cabinets are, in practice, more difficult to install, balance and maintain.
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Labculture Biological Safety Cabinets Class II Type A2

Cabinet Filtration System
Ambient air is pulled through front grille to create inflow, without going into the work surface. Inflow is joined by half of the downflow, to create front air curtain that is fine-tuned to create a large performance envelope. The combined air stream travels through the back-air column towards the blower.
Approximately ⅓ of the air in the common plenum is exhausted through the ULPA filter to the room. The remaining ⅔ of the air is passed through the downflow ULPA filter and into the work area as a vertical laminar flow air to create ISO Class 3 work surface and prevents cross contamination.
Near the work surface, the downflow splits. About half goes to the front grille, and half goes to the rear grille. A small portion enters the side capture zones to prevent dead air corners (small blue arrows).
The design was optimized to give large performance envelope, that provides operator and product protection at wide Inflow and Downflow variation from the Nominal point.

Model LA2 and LR2 Biological Safety Cabinet Engineering Drawing
Optional Exhaust Collar Positions for Thimble-Ducting (LA2 and LR2 Models)
Comprehensive Performance Testing At Esco
Every Labculture model manufactured by Esco is individually tested, documented by serial number and validated with the following test methods:
• Inflow and downflow velocity.
• PAO aerosol challenge for filter integrity.
• Airflow pattern visualization.
• Electrical safety to IEC61010-1.
• Additional KI-Discus containment and microbiological testing are performed on statistical sampling basis.
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Variable Air Volume Fume Hood Controller TEL's Fume Hood Controller is a pioneering VAV airflow controller, monitor and alarm system developed to ensure the safety of users and provide energy efficient fume hood operation. The Fume Hood Controller can directly provide controlled outputs for VFD fan speed control or be supplied with a relay interface unit and actuator for damper/valve control. Boasting a simple, yet intuitive, user interface that has been optimized for user experience, the Fume Hood Controller is easy to navigate and features a simple two-step calibration process with on-screen prompts to guide end users. The Fume Hood Controller has built-in comms and can be used with either Modbus or BACnet protocol. Featuring an innovative temperature compensated hot wire sensor, the Fume Hood Controller has no inherent drift, meaning that the sensor will provide stable readings over many years of operation ensuring reliability and safety.
Features include:
• LCD display for continuous velocity reading in m/sec or fpm
• Programmable push buttons: i.e. FAN on/ off, purge, etc.
• BACnet and Modbus on board
• Velocity bar graph or fault time line over the last 60 minutes.
• Audible alarm with Red, Amber & Green LEDs
• 3 Relay inputs and 3 Relay outputs
• Push button for night setback
• Direct Volumetric measurement
• Energy cost reduction of up to 85%
• Password protected
• Zone presence sensor supports
• Sash position sensor supports
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Laboratory Fume Hoods

Airstream Biological Safety Cabinet
Eliminates fumes from the front, back, and sides to create a ISO class 3 work zone

Bench Top Fume Hood
A common fume hood that rests on benches, tabletops, or counter tops

Biological Safety Hood
Designed for biological studies and laboratories

Ductless Fume Hoods
Uses fans to suck fumes and dust into Nanocarb activated carbon filters, therefore ductless

Exhaust Snorkels
Swiveling arm extensions to eliminate static electricity and aggressive chemical fumes

Laminar Flow Powder Hoods
Eliminates fumes by providing a single direction of air flow across the work surface

Powder Weighing Fume Hood
Operations involving weighing and mixing of hazardous or nuisance powders

Walk-In Fume Hoods
Bigger fume hoods from the ground up for tall or larger equipment
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Quick Delivery Laboratory Furniture In Stock
We can help design and build your lab

Metal casework, wood casework, fume hoods and furnishings

We have what you need in stock, ready to ship

Fume Hoods In Stock is your complete source for lab furniture systems, fume hoods, painted metal casework, wood casework, stainless steel casework, work surfaces, fixtures, tables, and tabling systems.

Flexible and Modular Lab Furniture Systems
Pre-plumbed and Wired Workstations
Chemical Fume Hoods
Shelving Systems
Tables/Tabling Systems
Stainless Steel Product Line
Work Surfaces

Lab Layout and Design
Lab Programming
CAD Drawings
Project Specification
Project Estimates
Factory Trained Installation
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Bench Top Fume Hoods
Bench top fume hoods are in stock ready to ship. We have the best brands for your laboratory or facility. Whether it is for a laboratory, education, medical or chemicals; we have the bench top fume hood for you.

bench top fume hoods
For over 70 years, ICI has been developing innovative and purpose driven products bench top fume hoods for the research and healthcare laboratories. Our highly experienced team of engineers and designers are proud to introduce our latest effort: Isolator³.

Isolator³ is the latest generation of energy saving high performance bench top fume hoods, built upon extensive R&D. Utilizing computational fluid dynamics, ICI was able to develop a safe and superior operating environment without the need for additional components to add or inject air into the hood chamber.

By controlling baffle pressurization, Isolator³ achieves the bench top fume hood's proper capture and containment at a 60 FPM face velocity. Additionally, we do it with a sash opening of 24” (61 cm). JMP’s chemical exhaust fume hoods meet or exceed SEFA 1 standards.

24” (61 cm) deep clear interior
For bench top, counter tops or cabinetry & casework
Low static rectangular exhaust duct
Integral stainless steel 12” (30.5 cm) round duct transition
Slotted rear baffle for even plenum balance
Safe operation at 60 fpm
Chemically resistant white Poly glass liner
UL1805 listed, ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995, UL1275
Three-year hood superstructure warranty
Chain & Sprocket sash mechanism with the exclusive ICI lifetime warranty
Exclusive standard 43 1/2” (110.5 cm) tall full view sash area
Tempered glass sash with full-length formed steel handle for a neat, clean appearance and streamline air passage
Color: Pearl White
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Movable Fume Hoods
Ductless Fume Hoods
Ductless fume hoods provide a specific need that it does not require a duct to exhaust fume out of the laboratory, thus it is movable. Instead, it uses HEPA and Nanocarb activated carbon filters to eliminate hazardous fumes. An energy efficient system that directs the airflow thought the fans and are permanently lubricated. It is simple to use and the filters are easy to replace.
Movable fume hoods because of its optional stand.

Laminar Flow Powder Hoods
Laminar flow powder hoods provide a single direction of air flow though the hood. As oppose to turbulent flow that doesn't have an orderly flow. Laminar flow powder hoods provide a faster and more efficient elimination of powder hazardous fumes.
Fumes are captured into filters so it can be moved.

Powder Weighing Fume Hood
The powder weighing fume hood for weighing, mixing and protects the operator from exposure to hazardous powders or potent pharmaceutical compounds. It is HEPA-filtered to remove virtually all particulate matter and reduces airflow turbulence. It features a high level of usability, comfort, and visibility. Furthermore, the fume hood is user-friendly & fully configurable.
Desktop design that can be moved.

Airstream Biological Safety Cabinet Fume Hoods
Airstream biological safety cabinet fume hoods are in stock ready to ship. Features a compact design and low energy operation. The silver ions in the coating can kill bacterium contaminants. It eliminates fumes from front, back, and sides to create a ISO class 3 work zone and to prevent cross contamination. It’s fit with a ULPA air filter optimized to give large performance envelope that provides operator and product protection at wide inflow and downflow variation.
Optional stand and can be movable.

Biological Safety Cabinet Fume Hood
Biological safety cabinet fume hood in stock ready to ship. Fitted with air flow sensors, raised arm rest, drain pan, and more. Per the newly released NSF/ANSI 47:2010 standards, Class II Type A2 BSCs must have the positively pressurized contaminated plenum to be surrounded by a zone of negative pressurization.
Movable fume hoods because of its optional stand.
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Small Fume Hoods in Salt Lake City, UT

These small fume hoods in Salt Lake City, UT fits most laboratory needs to exhaust fumes. It is considered the standard for most laboratory industries such as: chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, education, and more. There are countless ways to integrate small fume hoods to either existing or new cabinetry and casework.

Small Fume Hoods in Stock Ready to Ship
We have access to a $4 million inventory of small fumes hoods in stock, ready to ship to Salt Lake City, UT. Since our fume hoods are in stock, it makes replacements or upgrades faster and easier.

Small Hoods Fit Most Cabinetry
There are countless ways to integrate small fume hoods to either existing or new cabinetry and casework. Cabinetry can be purchased with chemical resistant lining, flammable resistant, and labeled as such. Since it rests on a surface, it can fit most existing casework. Stylish and sleek options are available such as color, wood, and metal.

Small Bench Top Fume Hoods Features:
• Two pre-wired 120V 20amp GFCI duplex receptacles
• One pre-wired 20amp light switch
• Pre-wired vapor tight T8 fluorescent light fixture
• Each hood side post and interior are punched and plugged to receive 5 service fixtures
• Upper left side post is punched for optional fan switch
• One pre-wired outlet on roof of hood for an optional alarm
• Upper right-side post is punched for optional alarm

Small Ductless Fume Hoods
Small ductless fume hoods are a must for every laboratory involving hazardous chemical fumes and dust. Furthermore, they are made with high quality parts so, you can assure the safety of your facility and staff.

Ready to Ship
Ductless fume hoods have fans to suck fumes into HEPA and carbon filters to provide a safe and effective solution to hazardous fumes for laboratories. Need it now? We have ductless fume hoods in stock ready to ship therefore, your laboratory avoids downtime and you get it much sooner rather than months.

Clear Windows Inside
Features a clear acrylic wall for a full view of the interior, front and side to side. Because of its laminar flow, it is considered one of the most efficient ways to eliminate fumes. It fits most bench top designs that rest on cabinetry.

Chemical Resistant
Each kind of fume hood provides special features to fit most chemical fume needs. We have fume hoods that are chemical resistant, acid resistant, and for most common chemicals. Many of the chemical fume hoods meet specific requirements of various companies in Salt Lake City, UT whether it is a chemical, powder, pharmaceutical, or other. Call our experts in Salt Lake City, UT for detailed information on each.
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Post has attachment | 801-970-1212
How do you manage lab build out on top of everything else you have to do? You let our specialists deal with it. Our planners and project managers will create a custom design that gives you the highest level of functionality. We’ll give you a turn-key operation, safe compliant, and customized laboratory for your specific operational needs.

We will do it in record time because we maintain an inventory of fume hoods and everything your lab requires. You’ll have the least possible downtime and that means your facility continues to be productive. We provide single source accountability so you can put your time into other management tasks. We’ll apply the knowledge we’ve gained building virtually every kind of lab and we’ll manage every aspect of lab design and build out.

Call us! We’ll give you the laboratory you need and you can focus on operations, instead of renovations. 801-970-1212
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Selecting A Complete Fume Hood
Selecting a complete fume hood for your laboratory can be a difficult task. There are many components, sizes, and features to think about. Use this guide to get you started. We have hood design options to fit any need with unlimited customization.

Our agents are standing by to take your call. We will help you select the fume hood to fit your facility perfectly.
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