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ACE Contact Manager
Affordable Contact Management or CRM tool to manage business of any segment
Affordable Contact Management or CRM tool to manage business of any segment


ACE Contact Manager - the CRM tool used in the US for last 40 years has the latest release on
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Good News for ACE4 users who wants to Migrate to ACE7 - ACE7 next release will have a direct migration module for ACE4 data to ACE7 data
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Are you a small business ? Burnt yourself because of the market condition ? Need some help ?

The first thing that you should do is - review your business plan - do not have anyone ? Well, wait - we will review it later.

Next Review your Client Management. Gather all the contact data from your old emails and put them on ACE Contact Manager ( do not have it yet ? Download the 14 day trial from now) as contacts. Speak to them or email them from ACE Contact Manager to know if the email id is still valid. Classify or Group these contacts on ACE Contact manager as "Prospect" - as if you are starting over your business again. Later on the Segmentation and Grouping within segments can be changed in ACE Contact Manager to record the current status of the contact.

Now - use the "Survey" module in ACE Contact Manager to design a creative survey for your target customers with an interesting topic of current problem of your target customers which your product or service might solve.

Verify this survey with yourself ( after spell check and verify that you used small simple sentences in the questions )  like the actors rehearses in front of the mirror - what is your feeling ? If someone else ask you these questions - will you reply in a happy mood ? If yes, this step is over - else, review and correct.

Now verify this survey with a few select and well known contact come advisers - review and correct the design of the survey on ACE Contact Manager.

Now, execute this survey through ACE Contact  Manager to your target customers and record the responses of each question on ACE Contact Manager - contact wise.

Tell me the result and if it improved your mood - then I will discuss the next step and about the business plan.
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