The Nature of the Game: Is Gamification A Commie Plot?
Had an interesting interaction this morning with +Carey G. Butler . Carey pointed out how a title to one of my content curations, Is Gamification A Commie Plot , could be politically incorrect. He is correct, but I am an Internet marketer and so don't make money from being politically correct. 

I'm not one of those indiscriminate flame throwers either creating controversy for its own sake. In this case I carefully evaluated the piece and decided how far I could push the title. Gamification has the beginnings of a backlash because it got too hot too fast.

The title played on the growing questioning of gamification created by a questionable piece of Forrester research claiming 90% of gamification will fail. I don't question the results since they seem correct. I question the shooting fish in a barrel nature of the research. 90% of ALL Internet marketing fails in its first iteration. 

I also agree with Forrester's underlying theme - that many who hop on to gamification as a fad will be disappointed at the WORK required and fade away. That too is always true. Every non-Internet marketer looks for silver bullets. I confess to a certain romance with the idea of a free lunch too no matter how many times evidence insists on the idea as an illusion. 

The nature of the game is we MUST disrupt to win (yet another one of my recent posts: 

Hope this explains my thinking. 
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