Virtual Currency Shakedown By US Government
Got to love our government. How clueless do you have to be about digital to think shuttering a bitcoin exchange stops anything. Bitcoin is an IDEA. 

The idea +David Amerland's excellent What If We Had A New Value System For Goods and Services discusses so well and an idea whose time is here and now. I don't carry cash anymore. I have a single dollar on me as I write this having just purchased lunch with my debit card. 

Money is DEAD and gone buried by our digital age. Bitcoin, the idea of a virtual currency, is a powerful idea since such a currency would set its own value. More accurately, WE would set Bitcoin's virtual value by our social investment in it.

Got to love a government who is so clueless about what Bitcoin really is that they shut down the PHYSICAL thing as if they caught some wild cowboy counterfeiters. LOL, how stupid can you be?

Bitcoin as an idea may become STRONGER thanks to the government's actions. The "Streisand Effect" predicts any attemt to quash a story makes it go viral that much faster. The government may have just done what the bitcoin movement's founders were beginning to do (in a stumbling in the dark kind of way).

It is not JUST that we will make sure and create something when the goofystupid arm of Johnny Law comes down so cluelessly, but that bitcoin is an idea whose time has clearly come. We need a currency WE own here in social media. Some way we can more truly value those things we understand better than currency, the Fed or the US Government can.

I am not suggesting wild revolution, but an artistic look at how we value THINGS and LIFE as the not so subtle subtext of David's reads and challenges so well. My friend +Alan Fitzpatrick  has a great company called +mailVU with some amazing listings in Google. 

Did any potential investor ask Alan about those amazing listings? Nope, because they don't understand the CURRENCY they represent. Instead they asked about defendable Intellectual Property (IP) as if such a thing still exists (it doesn't). 

Bitcoin is the currency for the digital revolution and, as such, this new cyber currency only gets STRONGER with every effort by ham fisted governments to kill it. So there is this thing called The Interent and it is going to do whatever it damn well pleases Uncle Sam. Help and be reward. Obstruct and become as irrelevant as so much of what you already do IS.

My advice? DO NOTHING and bitcoin will sort itself out. Continue to obstruct and you may speed bitcoin (and similar ideas) on paths you really don't like much (unintended consequences being a true pain in the you know where :).

Money is DEAD, now what?  
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