Cure Cancer Starter Specs
YES! 31 pages of Cure Cancer Specs are DONE!!! Lots of graphics so not as bad as that sounds. Now we cut it up and figure it out as a group with some leading cancer centers and then we cure cancer, so no big thing (lol). 

Going to take the WE OFF after writing and thinking HARD for 7 straight days. Here is a recap of the innovative ideas included in the spec:

* Curated "Social Wall" using my friends at @SmallRivers(
* Algorithms to fire every "list view" page so "popularity" drives dynamic placement. 
* Making cancer centers, researchers, research, cancer patients, friend and family and supporters HEROES who can connect with each other. 
* Dismantling gate keeper intensive research process (at least for the little stuff) via a crowdfunding platform. 
* Placing emphasis on VIDEO as the "calling cards" of the campaigns.
* Stealing the social shares reach number from Mashable.
* Figuring out ways to use G+ Communities (with Mark, Phil and Jesse). 
* Integrating with leading nonprofit backends (Blackbaud and Convio).
* Creating gamification called Charity Stickers so the entire ecosystem hangs together (institutes, docs and people). 

Keep your fingers crossed for how many of those innovations make it through the next few weeks. Using my money (my 2013 salary is donated to cancer research via my foundation) so if we bleed I eat noddles or PBJ (lol). 

If you would like to HELP. Follow me on G+ or @ScentTrail or @StoryofCancer or Martin Marty Smith on Facebook. 

TECH CURES CANCER and together we cure cancer in our lifetime. 

Have a great weekend everyone. I will be having Free Internet Marketing Consulting Saturdays tomorrow but expect my brain will be a tad SLOW (lol). 

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