SEO is live ammunition now post Panda and Penguin. Step on one of these 20 cracks consistently and you are sure to blow something you love up (not good). SEO done a little wrong can sure ruin your day, month or year. 

Been there, done that and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy (if I had enemies :). The BEST advice is to trust but verify, diversify your MONEY (spend and income) across many channels and learn to love the bomb (lol).

Yes I am referencing Stanley Kubick on Friday morning early because the web is ALIVE and changing all the time. I sat down to write 5 SEO MUST AVOID TIPS and got 20 before I looked up. Believe me there is another 100 in there. 

How did I learn all of these SEO No Nos? How do you think? I blew shit UP (lol). Ask +Phil Buckley or any number of FOMs (Friends of Martin's). I can BLOW some shit UP. 

If that sounds like I am proud of my ability to blow websites to bits you are right. It is not that I am BLACK HAT. Far from it. Sometimes I was just STUPID and other times we had help. My favorite story is when our IT group decided everyone should be able to see our website. 

Great idea except there was one big problem. When they changed our code to allow non-cookied visitors to see our site they created a "spider trap". Seen those ant motel ads?

Spider Traps are like ant motels. Search engine spiders GO IN but they DON'T Come Out. The laudable desire to allow the 2% of non-cooked customers to see our site cost us a couple hundred grand.

Worst part of it was WE DIDN'T KNOW what caused the wobble, what caused the loss of a handful of #1 listings including our NAME! Ouch. Nothing like blowing up a million dollar thing to inspire some FAST LEARNING (lol). 

Read this list and, if you can, get your IT guys to read this list and avoid stepping on SEO cracks sure to break your website's back. 
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