Added Nice note from +Bill Slawski  and attempted to tweak +Phil Buckley to have Bill come speak again at SEO What You Need To Know. +Mark Traphagen works with Phil and promised to mention it as well.

For those who don't know Bill's work with Google patents you should. Google's patents, Bill's area of deep expertise along with SEO, provide glimpses into our SEO future and important insight into how Google thinks and works.

I should say as many insights as mere mortals are ever likely to earn (lol). The next year will be filled with exciting developments in Bill's area of expertise since Google is bound to file new patents as they attempt to wrestle mobile to the ground. So follow +Bill Slawski if you don't already.

Appreciate all the support and ideas SEO and Data Got A Thing Going On is creating. MY has become OURS now (you will understand this comment after reading the piece :) and I'm curating helpful ideas into the piece from Satruday. SEO and Data is about the magic of content marketing and, with 436 views in two days, this article may become the biggest single ScentTrail.

Bridging the Idea Gap has over 3,000 views since it was published several years ago, so SEO and Data has a hill to climb yet, but its first two days were among the fastest of any of the roughly 600 ScentTrails I've written since 2007.

I'm working on a new, more open and so less dependent on ME, ScentTrail Marketing (lol). I've written about the concept of a "Social Content Management System (CMS)" and we are working on a product called SpinSnip here at +Atlantic BT to achieve the goals outlined in SEO and Data.

What I know for sure, and as an Internet marketer knowing anything for sure is a luxury, is ScentTrail Marketing must move from ME to OURS if it will succeed, scale and go forward.

As many of my readers know, I am a cancer survivor. Being a cancer survivor, I was diagnosed seven years ago now, may provide a different sense of time and accomplishment. I'm interested in giving back and creating things that can help in the future instead of burning up with a desire to make more money (nothing wrong with that, but it is true you don't take it with you :).

Legacy isn't something we think about often, or I didn't until hearing "cancer" and my name in the same sentence. I don't think about legacy obsessively now since to do so seems a tad morbid, but I understand, as we all should, life isn't an infinite journey.

The knowledge that life is finite makes our journey magical, special and loving. Since I'm not married anymore and never had children, we started companies instead, I want to support the "children" I've created with the help of friends and family such as ScentTrail Marketing and The Story of Cancer Trust.

I hope you will consider joining me on our journey of discovery as we attempt to create a new place to share, find and understand Internet marketing called ScentTrail Marketing AND we attempt to use technology to bridge the gap between doctors, researchers, patients and the cure for cancer.

In the short term, please read and weigh in on SEO and Data Got A Thing Going On and thanks for your continued support, best wishes and unflinching desire to help.

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