Diversify Traffic Because Google Killed Long Tail Search
This infographic explains a sad truth. Google killed long tail search. Instead of crying over spilled beer, take steps to diversify your traffic. Here are some ideas:

New ways to diversify your website's traffic resources:
* Begin to gather cell phone numbers.
* Create profiles on a wide range of social nets.
* Contribute content to a wide range of social nets.
* Ask your current followers to recommend you to friends.
* Gamify "friends and family" concept.
* Gamify 'friends of friends' concept.
* Create loyalty programs.

By diversifying your traffic you protect your website's traffic and revenue. No one wants to be dependent on one source of traffic. The ability to string together long tail search wins was great, but that tactic is all but gone.

Find ways to create loyalty with your followers. Find ways to speak with them directly such as mobile and ask for their help to grow your ecosystem. 
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