Agree with +Mark Traphagen that this is an excellent post about the branching AI future of web design and all things Google and Internet. 

My comment on Mark's page:

It is inevitable that semantic web and predictive analytics meet to form a powerful and dynamic web. The Google float, the fact that you and I can type the same search query at the same time and see different results, is the first step toward websites that adopt the same idea. 

If that sounds like the branching algorithms of AI it is because that is exactly how we will "design" websites in the future. Much like Google does now, we will create frameworks based on analytics that fire in real time based on what is happening now. 

Google's creation of Hangouts and Communities is a foreshadow of our much more dynamic, customizable and real time future. 
Little did I know that Google was hiring Ray Kurzweil when I started the first draft of "Conversations with Google".

Today I watched a video where Ray talks about his priorities and covers everything I've been dreaming up in my article: Natural language processing, hierarchy of human being and information as well as having Google as a personal assistant:

Needless to say, I couldn't be happier with where this is going.

For those who haven't read the article yet, here's a short summary of my predictions:

Google’s Evolutionary Timeline

Level 1: Semantic Capabilities (2012-2015)

Currently Google is capable of rendering basic data available and making sense of rudimentary knowledge nodes. In the next few years we will see Google’s search results to be answering our questions more efficiently and start to see the first glimpses of something “smart”.

Personal characteristics and behavioural patterns
Connections, affiliations, status and memberships
User intentions and preferences
Temporal, time-sensitive data

Level 2: The Smart Machines (2015-2030)

Once Google refines the algorithmic treatment of single-index it will be able to:

Predict, suggest, influence and aid future choices
Research and summarise findings for the user
Perform background investigative work
Assist in self-paced learning
Act as a virtual assistant
Content curation

Level 3: Artificial Intelligence (2030+)

Act as a representative
Join the discussion
Create new content
Teach a subject

Level 4: Augmentation (unknown)

Conversation stops, search stops
We simply know what we wish to know

Full article:

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