Only OLD SEO Dead 
Yesterday I shared some EASY SEO tips. A good friend +Brian Yanish shared a conversation with a designer. When Brian shared my basic building blocks of SEO the designer said he heard SEO was dead.

The designer got it part right. The SEO of winning via optimization is over, gone and dead. This doesn't mean that search engine spiders don't need context because they do. 

The most important contextual tip isn't included here. Title is and will remain the most important signal, but it must be confirmed by body copy, alt text, comments, social signals and links. 

Think of Google as this huge wisdom of crowds now. If you create something that turns the power distribution (the 80/20 rule) on its head such as driving links into your content via artificial means look out. The model knows YOU and has expectations about your websites daily operations. 

The only thing capable of "killing" these SEO basics is the semantic web and we are a LONG way from having siders truly understand context, humor, idiom and emphasis. 

Violate those norms at your own risk, but do inform spiders about what is on tap. How else can they enjoy a cold beer with you? 
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