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Phoenix Universe of Space Combat
Phoenix USC - Multiplayer Space Combat Game
Phoenix USC - Multiplayer Space Combat Game

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Lighted bullets, floors and now lighted bump mapped walls. Sweet! Almost done with incorporating lighting into my framework. :)
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Above is a video of Phoenix USC using my new lighting framework. This video features real-time lighting and shadows as well as weapon lighting effects. In the video I do a quick run-and-gun through a small base testing the new lighting framework. Although it's still a little early in the lighting frameworks development, the overall performance and appearance of the lighting effect is looking good.

I will be working on finishing the lighting code over the next couple of weeks and then post a video with a couple of drone ships to add to the look and feel. It should really pop with several ships firing different weapons all at the same time. So till then check out this lighting test and stay tuned for more developments.

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This is a video of the progress made on Phoenix USC. In this video I quickly show 6 new ships and weapons effects and then do a fly through of the map. Also included are new features like radar, new backgrounds and background effects (wormhole), new asteroids, improved parallaxing and more. I have made quite a few improvements since my last post and added features like a particles (used for ship thrust tail) and animated background effects as well as improved and streamlined the physics and GUI framework. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the new features and improvements featured in this video.

My programming language Monkey 2 just got 2d normal-map style lighting and shadows so adding lighting back in is up next on the development schedule.

Look for more progress and news here soon.

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Recent development images. New map and new base map parts. :)
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Third times a charm. :)
Instead of trying to be accurate in distance and depth for the parallax map view I chose to go for a stylized look and feel. I darkened the bottom layer of asteroids, added two galaxy images using an additive blend (over a static background), added another planet image and quickened the the planet movement rate. Together, along with lighted asteroid map images I think this stylized map works well and is smooth and playable.

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Phoenix USC on Android. :) Here I am testing the mapping, collision and GUE systems. It runs pretty well on my low-end Walmart buy Android tablet and can hit 60 FPS in full screen mode. Be sure to see the window on window views toward the end of the video.

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Here is an image of the latest developments. I have simple small base going with collision. I should have a video of this running on Android and the PC tomorrow. :)

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I have the new mapping system working on my Android tablet with 1 million elements .. yay! I had to drop the huge space station images as they were blowing out the tablets memory capacity, but I think with some tweaking I can get at least some version of them in. Even with them not in the map I still have three map space layers (asteroids) going over a static background and it is pretty cool to play around with and has a very nice look and feel. I'll be posting a video of this running on my tablet very soon. ;)

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I have been hard at work designing a new mapping system that can handle over a million map elements or objects. This allows for very detailed maps. Below are two video links and a link to my IndieDB page. Both videos show 6 map layers that create a very nice parallax effect. The first video also includes lighted map elements. Worth a look for sure.

Video #1  -  demonstrate and discuss the new map system.

Video #2 - This has the best look I think and uses a nice static background.

IndieDB - Videos, image and news article available here.

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Hi, this is a video where I demonstrate the latest developments in my mapping framework featuring 2 million map objects. I also demo some of the bump mapping I am working on. I am getting a little bit of screen tearing with my video card and a recent driver update (ugh) so be aware that this all runs perfectly when not using screen capture software. I will be getting a new video card here in a few weeks which should improve things.

This video is aimed at fellow Monkey coders, but, the Alien Phoenix gaming framework supports Phoenix USC and you can get a sense of what is to come.

Off to code,
- Rich -
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