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BULK SMS - Short Message Services Is The Latest Marketing Goldmine
Bulk SMS is a mobile phone message service that allows providers as well as business people to send out SMS in bulk quantities to lots of customers quickly and efficiently. We are very excited to hear recent reports that it is the next big thing in marketing.
The marketing and advertising sector has announced that SMS services are one of the most effective forms of marketing. People have their mobile phones on them wherever they go, and being able to reach them on these devices is one of the best ways to have direct contact. Through bulk SMS services like those offered by Desire Shortcode, businesses can communicate information such as special deals, price cuts, giveaways, contests and more.
The strength in SMS messages, however, is that they are short and to the point, rather than personalized and lengthy, which is what would be expected with an email or a letter, for instance. Because of this short, concise nature of an SMS message, a business can send out the same one to thousands of customers in one go, and still actually build a real, one-to-one relationship with them.
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