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Cash Carlson
Game Developer - HoloTail Studios
Game Developer - HoloTail Studios

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I own smash anyone want to be my friend and rivals?

My friend code: 2810 - 1551 - 4595

I need people to play league with :3

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Please check my shop out!`

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Any fur that plays league?
Add me on NA CashCarlson
Skype Cash.carlson

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4 more days until a special day. It'll be my birthday. It will be lonely again..... No one bothers to come see me for my birthday. Not even the Carlson side of the family. Well at least i get chinese food right?

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Hello everyone on my channel I make let's plays, league of legends videos, and montages in future. I'm more focus around League of legends. I also stream on twitch -->

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Am I stylish?
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