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Do you have a circuit breaker that keeps tripping?  

If your circuit breaker is tripping it generally means one of two things:  Breaker fatigue -internal weakening of the circuit breaker causing it to trip before maximum load - or, the breaker is simply doing what it was designed to do, interrupt the flow of current before it reaches a dangerous level.

For example, a 15 amp circuit is designed to allow a maximum continuous load of 1440 watts. If you have a 1600 watt hair dryer or a 5 HP (peak rating of 3730 watts) shop-vac connected you can see the potential for overloads and tripping circuits. You may also have a "short circuit".  If the breaker trips immediately or if a flash or sparks are visible at the panel when you attempt to reset the breaker then this is the case. Try unplugging all devices and turning off the light fixtures in the affected circuit. If the problem persists then the issue is with the electrical circuit itself.  If this is the case, call us and we'll quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem and make any necessary repairs. 

Tip #3 - Check that all landscape and exterior lights are working properly and that there are no burnt out bulbs or broken fixtures. 
Keep your home well-lit to prevent accidents and to protect your home from burglary.  Consider going with motion sensor lights for any that need replacing.  Motion sensor lights are great as they light up your house when needed but turn off and save energy when they aren't needed.  

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Did you know we do electrical safety inspections?

-We perform a thorough 80 point safety inspection of all components of the electrical system in your home starting from the electrical service to the plugs & switches

-Upon completion of our assessment, we provide you with a risk level rating (high, medium or low) and a list of corrective actions required to bring the home to an acceptable risk level if any issues are identified

-If any work is required, we can provide you with the up-front costs to repair the issues

Our electrical safety inspection can be relied upon by insurance agents or adjusters as verification that the home’s electrical system is safe allowing you to get insurance or obtain lower premiums
Call us today to find out more or to book your safety inspection.

Tip#2 - Inspect all exterior weather-proof covers for plugs and switches. Make sure they are properly sealed and that there are no cracks in the covers. This will ensure that water and moisture don't enter the box causing corrosion, power loss or even a potentially fatal shock. Check landscape lighting for broken or damaged insulation on wiring too and replace any that is not in good condition.

We will be posting a series of electrical tips over the next week to help you keep your home and family safe over the upcoming winter/holiday season.
Tip #1 - Consider having an outdoor plug installed in the soffit of your house rather than running extension cords for household Christmas lights – extension cords are not as safe and don’t look as nice.

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Did you know you can install a surge protector in your electrical panel that protects all the electronics in your home straight from your panel? This includes the electronics in all your appliances, media equipment etc. 

Pacific Star Electric can provide you with a whole house surge protector and ensure all your electronics are safe from power surges. Read Mike's blog for more info:
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