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I love 15mm gaming, but one thing I miss is fluff on the scale of 40k. There are a few companies that have fluff included, or implied, in their rules sets/miniatures lines but nothing that is fleshed out enough for me, and certainly nothing that could accommodate all the various lines of minis that are available.

Consequently, I started to develop my own fluff for the home table. Your thoughts, comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc are welcome!

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At the end of July Ravenstar Studios announced a new addition to their LandCore 15mm miniatures line: The Horrid. When I first saw them I was very excited; finally someone was making some bio-tech vehicles! Up until this point there were plenty of giant bug miniatures (Tyranid or otherwise) that could be pressed into service for 15mm war gaming, but not much in the way of bio-tech vehicles. The Horrid fill this gap with things like pop-up carapace turrets. Needless to say, I placed an order right away.

High points: great castings, good sculpts, freaking HUGE tanks.

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Development on the industrial platforms continues. Two sizes of platforms, two types of bridges, and some ladders have been added. Going to work on some ramps and an elevator next. Comments are appreciated!
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Posted up some 15mm industrial platforms on the blog. These will ultimately be for use on my home table playing The Battlefield rules with a sci fi spin.
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