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#OnePlus #InsanityWeek
C'est pour aider les collègues en manque de téléphone...
+Cyril Lapinte +Patrick Jordan
#OnePlus #InsanityWeek is almost over and it is going out with a bang! For Day 5 we’re giving 72 OnePlus Ones to our wonderful fans. There’s never been a crazier way for you to win one of our 64GB flagship killers.

1. Share this message with the hashtag #OnePlus #InsanityWeek and tag 2 friends
2. Fill the following form:
3. Go insane!

We’ll be announcing a new winner every 20 minutes. Find out what all the hype is about and join the Insanity!

The contest for Day 5 starts now and will close on Saturday, October 18 at 1.00 pm GMT (7.00 am CST). More info about this contest:

Google Play Films does not allow me anymore to stream/download HD films on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (with CM 10.1 nightlies).
It says my device is not compatible with HD version. Though it used to work well before.
What info does it use to decide if the device is compatible? Is the change due to CM somehow?

What is even worse is that it let me rent an HD movie version (costs more) , but then only streamed the SD one (and it was bad quality SD).

Any way to force Play Film to stream HD? 

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Comme quoi les Zoé on peut aussi les brancher hors de chez soi !
Ici c'est dans un parking d'Annecy le vieux, avec des prises standard. Moi avec mon cable réglable et son adaptateur, et la zoé d'à côté avec un boîtier qu'il a monté lui-même. 

Galaxy tab 10.1 (p4 wifi) with CM10.1 nightlies can't play HD videos without freezing anymore, since 1 or 2 weeks (used to work well before).
- does it work for anyone else? (ex. in Youtube or TED apps)
- where can I download a CM10.1 from about 1 month ago? 

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Corsa à vendre !
Pour une petite bouchée de (bon) pain, Opel Corsa Viva magnifique toutes options.
Toit ouvrant, vitres électriques (mais moteur thermique),.....

Autonomie époustouflante ! (bien plus que la ridicule petite jeunette qui la remplace)

J'ajoute bientôt les détails pour l'année, tout ça...
Dépêchez vous, ce qui est sûr c'est qu'il n'y en aura pas pour tout le monde !!
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Is it possible to allow the file manager as a share target for any type of files?
So that you can choose to save files from any app (ex. google drive !).
As of now, the dropbox app does this... but to upload to dropbox.
When I need a gdrive file it downloads it, uploads it to dropbox, then I can download it again from dropbox and save it locally...! 

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This is probably the best giveaway yet - and it's not even the biggest one we're doing for our holiday giveaway series.

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terrorisme ? 

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NVIDIA and Android Police are giving away a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb tablet and an awesome Tegra Zone power pack full of goodies (Jawbone JAMBOX, keyboard dock, and more) for doing close to nothing.

See the link to enter.
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