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I want to share it also on my personal profile... :)
Maybe also similar Milkdrop Presets for the Winamp Player will be created some day, although we have already very good presets and textures (You need good digital cameras, good artwork software and good image-editing software). But of course for these music-videos more works at the computers are necessary, and of course some of the software for these videos will not be for free. I suggest, that You watch the videos... :cool: :D :winamp:

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I apologize for my longer absence. But I was not inactive and I have worked a lot on my Devious Journal and very much on my .zip-folders, because I love my ideas with images in Winamp. I have added many favourites on deviantART. And today I have worked on my public music-playlists. At least on deviantART I have the fixed versions of my Komodo backgrounds. :-)

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One of my 2560 random textures for the Milkdrop Visualizer of my Winamp is online now on Mixlr... :-)

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Maybe You are interested for the Komodo Skins by Victhor, and the background images with at least 1024x768 pixel make sense (1280x960 pixel and above are much better). Images without humans and without animals can be stretched without problems. You can create Your own random textures & desktop wallpapers & Komodo backgrounds. Especially nature & landscapes, Space Art or other digital artwork would look fine, and because the Spring is coming, You can go outside again with Your digital cameras for making new images for Winamp & Milkdrop... :-)

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In the weekend's nights also Electronic Music is played, from Saturday Evening to Sunday Morning… :-)

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I myself love Electronic, Ambient, Techno. But also Underground Rock is very good… :-)

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I would have also some other very interesting links, but maybe this one is the most important. You will find in this thread also some other links to some other threads etc., and with nearly 10000 presets, 2350 random textures and 2586 skins I cannot get bored. Sorry, that my Music Video Images on Google+ are incomplete yet and with old filenames instead of new filenames. But at least I am still using Winamp and the Milkdrop Visualizer... :-)

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So many bad comments just because it was Techno and no Mainstream or Classic (with trumpets)...

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I have found a new link for JuicyDrop, a Winamp Music Visualization in the browser. It works in Firefox & Chrome. Maximal 35 songs can be in the playlist, and the first song of the other artist always remains in the playlist after entering the SoundCloud-Username. That's the reason, why "sabine-klare" can have maximal 34 likes, because the likes will land in the playlist and not the uploads or reposts. Of course all tracks with Sabine Klare are in the likes, also all tracks with Sternenmaschine and the best tracks with Frank Klare... :-)

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