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Galaxy Outdoor Dealer Information – Attention All Dealers
Galaxy Outdoors product line consists of an unlimited range of ready-to-finish custom islands, fire pits, fire tables, and other accessories to meet your customer’s needs. By using the new Galaxy Outdoor product line, the majority of the work of building a BBQ island is done for you. Since all islands are custom built, All you need is to furnish your design showing the various built in components you want included. Using any brand of product the island will be built to your exact specifications. It will be shipped to you in multiple sections, (up to 7’ in length), pre-cut for your components. All you need to do is bolt the sections together and you are ready to start the finish work. Typical island installation is 1 hour, not days, giving you huge manpower savings.
These custom built sections are made in Las Vegas, NV. Using galvanized 120, 14 gauge tubing (not studs) and are then welded together (not screwed together). With the Galaxy Outdoor production capabilities, an order will be shipped to you within 14 days or less of receiving the order.
The company’s product line also includes USA made built-in stainless steel components such as drawers, doors, and storage units all of which are constructed 100% from 304 stainless steel and feature self-closing drawer glides and high quality stainless designer handles. With the extensive inventory maintained, all stainless steel components can be ordered and shipped with your custom built island resulting in reduced shipping cost.
If you would like to become a Dealer of the Galaxy Outdoor Product line, Call (702-448-5600) or Send your Email Request to One of our Dealer relations staff will contact you to go over all dealer programs and get the necessary dealer packet completed.
At Galaxy Outdoor we are always here to help!
Thank You for Your Support!

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New post (Jacuzzi Hot Tubs - Up to 40% Off Hot Tub Blowout Sale) has been published on Galaxy Outdoor

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New post (Up To 40% Off Jacuzzi Hot Tubs In Las Vegas, Nevada) has been published on Jacuzzi Hot Tub Models
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The time is now to buy a Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tub. Here at Jacuzzi of Las Vegas We’ve reduced prices down to 40% off. Stop in today to find out we can save you $$$ on your new Jacuzzi Hot Tub.
The Time To Buy A Jacuzzi Is Now! Stop In For Up To 40% Percent Savings
We’re having a Blowout Sale here at Jacuzzi of Las Vegas and we guarantee you’ve never seen Jacuzzi Hot Tubs discounted like this before. We have Hot Tubs marked down up to 40%. That’s a little under half off. Call us today to schedule a consultation – (702) 448-5600.

Want to try before you buy? Give us a call to schedule a “Wet Test”. You heard correctly, we said “Wet Test”. We’re so confident in our Jacuzzi Hot Tubs that we’ll allow you to try before you buy. Our “Wet Test” room is in an isolated spot up on our second floor that’s away from our main showroom. You’ll have all the privacy you need to try our Jacuzzi Hot Tub out in comfort. You can call or sign-up here on our website to schedule a time to come on in and try.
Sign-Up For Wet Test

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New post (Galaxy Outdoor & Jacuzzi of Las Vegas Sales Event) has been published on Galaxy Outdoor
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Hydropoool Swim Spa – FamilyStop into Galaxy Outdoor and Jacuzzi of Las Vegas today and start your backyard project. If you’ve been waiting for the right time, we can assure you that this is as good as it get’s when it comes to product pricing. We’re having a sale so big it will go down in history! Save up to 40% off of Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tubs, BBQ Grills, Stainless Steel Accessories, Hydropool Swim Spas, Fire Features and More! Thes prices are so low that we can’t even advertise them online. Stop in today and see exactly how low we can go. See you at Galaxy Outdoor and Jacuzzi of Las Vegas. View our location map below.

Galaxy Outdoor and Jacuzzi of Las Vegas

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New post (Galaxy Outdoor Blowout Sales Event - Starts Today!) has been published on Galaxy Outdoor

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New post (Jacuzzi Hot Tub Hydrotherapy & Rheumatoid Arthritis) has been published on Jacuzzi Hot Tub Models
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Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Benefits
Water Therapy Session in a Hot Tub
Hydrotherapy is the use of heated and oxygenated water in the treatment of medical conditions including Arthritis and Rheumatic related complaints. Hydrotherapy is not considered swimming but an exercise that can be best compared water aerobics. Please note that Hydrotherapy is not aqua aerobics. Hydrotherapy is a form of therapy and you should consult your Physician before starting treatment. The recommendations for hydrotherapy is usually soaking and light movement/exercise. Allowing the warm/oxygenated water to penetrate the troubled areas of the body. This light movement, exercise, and soaking allows for increased range of movement and strength.
Hydrotherapy tends to be different from to aqua aerobics, which can be quite strenuous. Hot tub therapy focuses more on slow and light movement. Hydrotherapy isn’t about strength training, it’s about rehabilitation therapy.
Hydrotherapy is not a spa treatment and isn’t for relaxation. Spa treatments also lean more towards using mineral infused water that have special health-giving properties. Although in European countries spa water (mineral infused) is commonly used within Hydrotherapy treatment. There is research that suggests there are benefits which back-up the use of spa treatment water in therapy. Overall research suggests that Hydrotherapy on its own is beneficial.
Jacuzzi Beginnings within the Industry
There are many benefits to owning a Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tub, the obvious benefit is you’re no longer limited in the amount of time you can spend in hot tub therapy treatment. If you want to use daily, you’re now able to. With your own Jacuzzi you’re able to use at your convenience. Using a medical facility can be troublesome in many ways, first you’re limited to a set schedule. The other inconvenience is the fact that it is a community hot tub and you’re definitely not the only patient who will be using it. It’s always recommended that you speak with your Doctor and Physiotherapist before purchasing a Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tub to conduct your own treatment. Any good doctor will recommend a Jacuzzi Hot Tub for personal treatment use.

Below is a Jacuzzi Brand video that introduces you to Ken Jacuzzi. This amazing man is literally why the Jacuzzi brothers went on to creating Hot Tubs for water therapy use. Please understand that Jacuzzi Hot Tubs were first created for the Hydrotherapy and the medical benefits. It was only after this that Jacuzzi realized it‘s many other benefits to everyone else.


««Ken Jacuzzi – Hot Tub Therapy Benefits
View the video below and learn about Ken Jacuzzi. Ken suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and is literally the reason why Jacuzzi started building the hot tubs we know today.
View Our Jacuzzi Collection Now
Contact a Jacuzzi of Las Vegas Hot Tub Specialist Today! We’re located right here in Las Vegas, Nevada and our professional staff is here to answer any and all questions you might have. We’re so confident in our Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tubs we’ll even let you try before you buy. Schedule a “Wet Test” today and experience all that is Jacuzzi. “Revolutionary Design, Legendary Performance”.
Contact us Now

Read more into the documented benefits of Hydrotherapy here:

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