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WebCam Software for Windows
WebCam Software for Windows


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AbelCam 4.4.3 has been released today.

This release comes with an additional set of responsive web pages. Publish your camera to all devices, including mobile.

Download from here:

AbelCam release 4.4.0 released to public - maintenance release with minor fixes and updates

#AbelCam 4.4.0 beta release available for Members

New: Working on animated GIF implementation - not perfect yet
Fix: Image Overlay transparency works as expected now

AbelCam release 4.3.1 released to public - now running on .NET 4.0 with latest VisioForge capture interface

AbelCam release 4.2.8 released to public - Dropbox Plugin available for everyone

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Latest AbelCam release 4.2.8 allows unlimited online time with the free license - when the cam is listed on
This version is available to AbelCam members only.

Discussions enabled on

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Working on a tool to extract frames from video files to jpeg images.

Consider implementing a new 'capture' interface to play video files throught AbelCams web server. Anybody interested?

AbelCam 4.2.7 Release 2012-05-11 available for Members

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Working on a Plugin for Dropbox to allow image upload to dropbox
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