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Greg Martinez
How Simple Messages Turn into Rivers of Cash Flow
How Simple Messages Turn into Rivers of Cash Flow


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Dawn & Marco may God be with you and the family during this loss. Glad you are all okay. Our SimpleFreedom family will be here supporting you every step of the way!

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Find your comfort zone. Then leave it.

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Aim to always grow while you implement different skill sets you pick up along the way.

Become the leader you always wanted to work with & you will attract more success than you ever imagined possible.

Avoid distraction at all costs & focus so hard that you can hear yourself breathing & feel your heart pounding....

People are waiting on the value you add to their lives, be sure to bring it!

"A true leader is someone who can see what others can't and they speak using common words, yet sound like no one else alive. Ali did that. JFK had that. A leader can show you things that he or she can see, that you can sense too, but you can't quite see yet!"
-Joe Schroeder

Do the inner work and build up some skills that nobody can take away from you and you'll find a better way to roll...

Market to one...
Market to one hundred...

That's not the issue.

Building your mindset & knowing how to market.

That's the issue.

Come by our training hangouts...

We can help.

Check back on this page on Tuesday for a complimentary training session at 6:00PM Pacific (GMT-8)...

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Our Simple Freedom Tuesday Night Training (aka TNT) "Real Attraction Marketing Training" Hangout just got started...We're LIVE Now!

If you are ready & open to receive some raw/uncut/"Real Deal" Attraction Marketing to start applying inside your home based business as early as tonight YOU WANT TO BE ON our Google Hangout tonight hosted right inside of Facebook!

See you on the Hangout!

***Oh & BTW it's also mobile optimized & ready to be viewed on your iPhone or Android, love this stuff!"

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Here are some ways to convert video to mp3, convert video to mp4 as well as various file formats.

With all the different formats of audio & video and the many different devices out on the market your head can begin to spin in trying to figure out what app will play your file type if using a smart device.

A benefit to learning how to convert video to mp3 is you can take a video training or even recording of a seminar and turn it into an audio for your personal library.

You could then offer these audios as a bonus to your potential prospects & teammates as an incentive to join you and/or upgrade in your program.

Be sure to comment and share this, so others may benefit from it too!

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In this tutorial I go over the fastest way to download video to your computer from various websites using 1 powerful FREE tool.

There are different ways to capture videos from the internet to your computer and I've tried different tools, but I am convinced that this is the easiest method of doing so.

It's a one button push to swipe most videos off the net. Enjoy!

Please comment & share it so others may benefit from it too!

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it's getting HOT IN HERE NOW! FB Ads Bootcamp LESSON 3: "How to Create Content that Generates Leads" was just implemented inside...Man, this one is PACKED with stuff you can do NOW and get results.
 Do you own the course yet?

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"Train yourself to let go of everything
you fear to lose." - Master Yoda

There is a very special Prosperity
Team training call tonight.

You are invited...

Tonight at 8PM EST

Dial in number: (559) 546-1880
Secret Code: 386725#

If you miss us live, you can catch
us on the REPLAY line:

REPLAY Line: (559) 546-1889
Secret code: 386725#
We are going to be bringing out a couple
very special guest...

Fellow "Hippie Jedi"...

Awakened to "The Force" and here to raise the
vibration of consciousness here on planet earth.

We are here to become the change we want
to see in this world.

Tonight we are going to lay down our
success formula...

And by the end of tonight's call you WILL...

Be mindful of the living Force, my
young Padawan...

And be able to tap into infinite unconscious
resources & everything you need to start living
your dreams and making an impact in this world.

Tonight @8PM EST

Dial in number: (559) 546-1880
Secret Code: 386725#


The Jedi are selfless. They only care about
others. - "Anakin Skywalker"

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Here's a tutorial on how to add a Youtube video inside of your Empower Network or Wordpress blog post. I go over 2 different methods to do it.

Even though Youtube is the biggest video hosting website, there are many others to choose from still.

With Youtube being a bit unstable to use for those attached to the Network Marketing/Internet Marketing & Work From Home Industry if you happen to to go with another video hosting platform just know that you can still embed your videos from those places as well.

If you need help in doing so please feel free to let me know & I will assist you. =0)
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